Create Entity & Related Entities with button?


Is it possible right now with buttons to create a new entity along with related entities at once? I’m looking for a way to create a repeatable process. One case I have is an onboarding routine. I’d like to create a “project” entity and, say, a few sub entity “tasks” in one step with a button. If this is not possible, please add a big “+1” from me for this feature, which I imagine may be a part of Templates functionality when they come out.


Yes, it is definitely possible :slight_smile:

AFAIK you actually do it in 3 stages:

  • create the parent entity
  • create the child entities
  • add the newly-created children to the newly-created parent collection

The API documentation is pretty useful here: &

You’ll want to know in advance all your type names and the field names for the collections.