Link to already existing entities via rules and/or automations

Haven’t found this exact idea yet.

I’d like to add a rule or button that whenever I create an entity, it also goes and links it to another entity of another type, based on specific filters.

Let’s say I create a task with a particular name, but it’s not just linked to its project, it is also related to another entity in another app, that I can choose (entry made today, or entry made by me, etc) with specific rules.

As of now, I have to do it manually. Ideally, I’d love to automate it/one-button it.

I believe it’s a very confusing explanation, but I am a very confusing person, so :smiley:

I actually did what I wanted to via automatically link entities, now that I woke up after some sleep it became a bit obvious that it is a possibility, wops!

At any rate, it wouldn’t be bad to have as a button or rule that we can use/enable when we want to, rather than always, and keep it quick.