CHANGELOG: July 5 / Automation Rules 🔥, Currency Exchange Template

:robot: Automation Rules

Finally, you can automate some things in Fibery. Automatic Rules in Fibery react to changes of entities (create or update). For example, you closed a Task and want to set a Completion Date to Today.

Rules are linked to Types, you can add them in Type Editor. If you need to react to Task change, then the Rule should be defined in Task Type.

NOTE: So far Rules can be added and configured by Admins only.

Check the more detailed article about Automation Rules in Fibery:

:mega: Let us know what actions you miss, and we will add them in future releases.

:moneybag: Currency exchange connector

This utility template helps you to convert currencies without importing CSV files or coding a custom integration:

This integration template includes up-to-date and historical exchange rates for most international currencies.

Connect this App to CRM, Employee Management, and other money-storing Apps to turn $ into € and back.

Fixed bugs

  • It’s impossible to open link by Alt+Click while selector is opened
  • Entity cannot be open as view with error publicId is required
  • Long URLs look ugly on references
  • Charts: Entities dropdown doesn’t open in report config
  • Charts: Report doesn’t load in edit mode if apply temporary filters in view mode
  • Charts: Sometimes getting Source not found error on the report when switching between views or applying temp filters
  • iPad fullscreen support for Fibery webview

This is great!!
So many use cases, I can’t stop creating rules :exploding_head:


Cool! If you can share few screenshots with your rules it might help us to get new ideas :slight_smile:

Also if you miss some cases, let us know.

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@mdubakov: there are a couple of these dynamic apps you have shared, like the currency converter. I was curious how you go about keeping those up to date, and whether something like that is currently possible for us to share.

I suppose I could create an app and generate all the entities in it, but then once someone uses the template it would no longer be kept up to date. It looks like you have some kind of sync functionality applied to that app, which I assume isn’t a capability publicly available to community shared templates. Is that a correct assessment?


You are right, for the currency converter we sync data daily from
Technically we want to share Integrations App SDK, but not sure people will use it, since integration app creation can take 1-2 weeks.

I was thinking the same thing, and what came to mind was the WEBSERVICE function in Excel which I have previously used to good effect in similar situations.
Might you consider extending the formula field to support webservice functionality? I imagine there might be issues to address with regards to performance and frequency of calls, but I’m sure they’re not insurmountable :slight_smile:
It would allow users to do some cool things without necessarily needing the whole SDK shebang…


Hi, @Chr1sG

Thanks for feedback. It is interesting idea to have possibility for external calls in formula. if you have several minutes I will really appreciate if you can drop your case of using such functionality with your ideal formula code example.

And by the way, could you please let me know what do you find in our Script Action too complicated or missing? Will it be helpful if we will add more examples for script action and will add possibility to save code fragments and share it with other users of Fibery?


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I actually don’t have any specific use case personally, beyond the currency exchange, which you’ve already provided :slight_smile:
I only wrote the suggestion since I thought it might be something that would facilitate what @rothnic and others might want to achieve.
I can imagine people could use it for e.g. share prices, interest rates, text translation, crypto exchange rates, amazon prices etc. but none of these are actually burning use cases for me personally.

Wrt the automation features, there are things that are currently possible only with scripting (e.g. iterating through child entities in a collection) which I’d be happy to see provided natively, but nothing is a killer issue for me just yet. Plenty of other things that I think are more important :slight_smile: (which of course I’ve voted for)


Yeah, I was just curious if there had been any broader thought around the overall concept, since this was at least the second one to come up. It reminds me of how Coda has the integrations that sometimes bring in special functions, which provides easier access to data that typically is hidden behind APIs. Much of this stuff can be handled via the API or integromat, but being able to more readily share that kind of work natively in fibery is interesting. I didn’t have any specific use cases yet but thought it was interesting.

General Rules Feedback

I have been working on building an EOS app since rules were officially released and I’ve been pretty happy with how far I’ve gotten in the amount of time. The more official tools out there are pretty rough, and can already see some major improvements over them. It has a number of meeting-focused processes that automation has made easier compared to integromat, but have found myself with similar needs as @Chr1sG in terms of iterating over children. I also find it pretty complicated when trying to stub-out entities where I want to only do so if it doesn’t already exist.


One concept EOS has is that you rate your meetings at the end between 1 and 10 based on some specific criteria. So, I have a Team, Meeting, Employees, and Votes type. The Votes are associated with an employee and a meeting. The meeting is typically once a week for a particular team. So, for each meeting that is created, I want to stub out the votes for each person on the team. To do that, I have an action script to load the employees associated with the team, then create a Vote entity for each employee and associate it with the meeting. I think use the smart folder to list out the meetings for the team, and have a view for each meeting which is a table of votes ready to apply for each person.

Create if Doesn’t Exist

The other thing I’m doing is modeling the week explicitly as a Type. I’m doing this because there is so much in EOS that is built around the week cadence, and having the weeks modeled as an option has been useful for different visualizations. So, when I create a new meeting, I’m getting the current day, looking up the week to see if it already exists by directly executing the command to find the week where the current day is between the start and end dates, then creating it if it doesn’t, then linking the week to the meeting.

In general i was trying to avoid needing to pre-create helpers like the Week entities. I could instead pre-create a whole bunch of them, then auto-link the Weeks based on the date. So, while there are other ways to do what I’m doing, I think the whole create if-needed, then link this entity could be a pattern that comes up and isn’t super easy to implement in action scripts. It also isn’t possible directly from the rules editor that i can see.


Can we use rules to e.g. close a bug if the linked issue from Github is closed?

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If each bug has only one issue, then you can create a rule for issues that sets the parent bug to closed when it becomes closed itself.


Hi, @colman

I think you can as said @Chr1sG. Please find below step by step instructions.

  1. Let’s assume you have integration set up with GitHub in Fibery

  2. Let’s assume you have Bug type which is related to GitHub Issue type as one-to-one

  3. You may create the following rule for GitHub Issue type

Please note that synchronisation happens every hour or manually. It means that status of bug will be updated only after synchronisation is happened.



Thanks @Oleg and @Chr1sG , it works!

I had previously tried to create the rule on the Bug itself, referencing the child issue, and I guess that doesn’t work. Didn’t occur to me to make it on the issue. Perfect!


Loving automations so far! One missing capability: it would be great if the script option would support sending patch requests so that we could update issues on github in response to events in fibery


Hi, @seaotternerd

Thanks for feedback. This feature in our nearest future plans.