CHANGELOG: Oct 19 / Faster performance, Recurring rules

Faster performance :police_car:

We’ve significantly improved Fibery performance over the last few weeks. Entity Views open much faster, and overall it should feel better now.


If you experience slowness, let us know and we will check this case.

Recurring Rules :dragon:

The possibility to execute rules on schedule is available now. You can automate various flows, like:

  • Notify a team about daily meeting
  • Create release with two iterations every four weeks
  • Create rule that will mark done stories as archived
  • You name it.

Check the detailed guide for the cases above: Recurring Rules User Guide

Improvements :butterfly:

  • Email integration: The user can select IMAP folders to sync.

Fixed bugs :shrimp:

  • Formula editor: Error on click on some field with ToText formula with Null value
  • Safari: Endless loading in Assignees if press Assign to me button
  • When typing date without year, set current year automatically, not 2001
  • Can’t open with Alt+Click entity without name from the Table View
  • Page is blinking when creating a new View
  • Values from filters are not set into the fields of a new entity created on a board that has several types

Amazing! Now replacing my workaround “daily trigger” rules with this new On Schedule rule. Thank you so much!


This is a great addition. Thank you team :grin:

Will there be a possibility in the future for users to setup rules/automations at an entity level rather than the type?

I’m thinking that a user my want to generate a particular meeting type every Tuesday at 9:00 am. Right now that has to be done in the admin area of the app and a separate rule created for each instance. However, it would be more intuitive to do this the way every mail/calendar client does, i.e. as part of setting up the recurring appointment.

I could think of a work around by setting fields within the meeting type entities to define recurrence (days as multi select and time range as text) and then run a recurring rule every week to generate new meetings based on those fields for the following week. But I’m not sure if that is the best way to go.

To be fair, there is actually a subtle difference between what you’re initially describing and what a calendar client typically does.

When you set up a recurring event on a calendar, what you are normally doing is creating a set of diary entries according to a temporal pattern. These objects are all created at once, to then be ‘used’ as their time comes around.
This is different from actually creating a single new entry each week.

The equivalent in Fibery would be to bulk create a set of entities whose date field varies according to the desired temporal pattern (without actually making use of a recurring rule).

Or to look at it from the other direction, using a recurring rule in Fibery to generate meeting entities is akin to your calendar client only populating your diary as time progresses. So the diary for the week ahead would initially appear blank, but at 9am on Tuesday, a new entry would appear.

I only say this to help elucidate what the need really is. Perhaps you need users to be given a timely reminder, perhaps you’d like a blank template for meeting notes to automatically be generated at the time each meeting is due to start.
Perhaps you need to be able to duplicate (multiplicate?) an entity but with variation in a field value according to a formula…
Or perhaps something else…?