[DONE] Recurring Entities - good for Task Mgmt, other uses

Hi guys,

I don’t think there is a formal request around this yet in the community, so I wanted to start one. I have mentioned this need in other posts, and recently @anon2672217 just brought it up here:

I have a big need for this, and I too am curious where it is on the roadmap, hopefully something you guys plan! Along with things like Due Date Handling and Dependencies and other basics of Project/Task Mgmt, this is a big one, too.

I think this makes sense as an Extension, perhaps you could add it and then designate Entities that have this recurring aspect applied. I have seen a ton of solutions out there, including what Stefano mentioned about ClickUp, so I’m sure you guys have some ideas on how to solve this, too.

And just a general comment around the higher-level of Fibery evolution and the need for this and related features for true Task or Work Management: Since we started talking about ClickUp, as you may have seen they released a pretty significant Relations feature last week. It’s not nearly as refined as Fibery, or Notion for that matter, but the point I wanted to make is ClickUp has most of the “missing” Task Mgmt stuff I talk about a lot really nailed down. They are just getting into relations. But they also announced another huge $100m funding round, so I would think their Relations will improve over time. Although Fibery is so well thought out that I don’t know if any tool out there can emulate this part of Fibery! However, Fibery can easily replicate the stuff in ClickUp - and Asana, Wrike, Teamwork, Monday, etc. etc. that makes Task Management smooth. So with this request I am just adding another piece that I’m hopeful we can see in Fibery soon, as part of a general hope that in short order Fibery will have all that these other Task Mgmt-centric tools have for easy Task Mgmt, yet none will have all the other differentiators Fibery offers, like relations, highlights, Whiteboards, amazing Views, etc.

In closing, I’ll add that for those of us that have used TargetProcess extensively, most of what we need in Fibery for this “Task Management” I speak of was in place in TP. So with the pedigree here, that also provides hope that this stuff will be in Fibery soon!

Eager to find out the plans for Recurring, and of course thoughts on the rest of what I wrote here re: the evolution of Fibery!



Surprised if there was no existing topic for this, but maybe it has just been mentioned a lot in other threads. In any case definitely something I will need eventually. For now I have to use my personal task manager to handle things that reoccur so I don’t miss them.

ClickUp has amazing development pace and feature set, but I don’t see them being able to incorporate all the data management flexibility Fibery has and end up being anywhere near as easy to use. ClickUp is already cluttered as heck as it is. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hey great post, thought I’d hear from you on this one!

This is intriguing I think:

Some of the stuff I’m talking about here, and potentially other features of that took you use (todoist?) are what I’m hoping Fibery will be able to incorporate, so there will no longer be a need to use another separate tool to track stuff in Fibery, that ideally Fibery itself will have features for. Among the things my team is trying to do in Fibery: CRM, Applicant tracking, Feedback management, Software Dev, Inventory Mgmt (our laptops, etc.) and the more the better! It has really been great so far to get that much in one tool and get out of separate tools we would have used for all that. Now just need to get this other “Task Management” stuff in hand, which we know the team is going to build thankfully, and there will be no need for the Personal Task Manager!

And agreed ClickUp is pretty cluttered in spite of its good Notifications, Recurring Stuff, Time Tracking, bulk updating, Integrations, and a few others… And I think they likely just complicated their lives further with their Relations Feature. Have you looked at it? I would almost say it looks like something the did just so they “can say they have it,” but I feel like no real good Product mind behind that type of feature was consulted. Fibery has nothing to worry about with ClickUp & its attempt at Relations!

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Haven’t looked at their relations, but from past experience e.g. with Docs, I think they tend to make a basic start at things, that are often pretty clunky, and then iterate until it’s actually decent. I imagine the same will be true with relations.

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We hope some day to have in Fibery out-of-the-box. But I suppose soon we would suggest a simple workaround with an Integromat.
This is not a perfect solution, but smth we will be able to suggest :face_with_monocle:

Polina, could you let us know if Recurring items might be something we can do with the first cut of Automations coming up soon? I continue to have a lot of recurring projects and tasks that would be great to be able to have actually “recur” via Automations.


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We’ve started ideation and design activities regarding recurring rules


Some progress with scheduled / time-based rules:

2021-09-21 09.33.04


Nice start. Can we check this out yet?

It should be released in a week, in testing now.


Recurring / scheduled rules are implemented, please check the user guide here Recurring Rules | Fibery Help Center