Recurring Tasks

I’ve just spent time setting up a useful system for recurring tasks in Fibery. It was more difficult than I originally anticipated, so I’m sharing it here as it seems a common use case that others may benefit from.

Explainer video:

Import the Fibery template:


Thats pretty cool and useful, thank you!

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Could it be shared as a template to test ?

There’s a link to the template in the post above @NicolSpies. Just click it and you can import everything right into your workspace and make any changes you please.

The link opens a signup page for a Fibery account.

The corrected link should be:

PS. It works super, thanks.

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That’s actually the link same I shared in the post.

I do notice, however, that it directs to a sign up link when it it clicked. Not sure why.

Here’s the of a screenshot of the post in edit view:

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I think discourse can do some funny stuff when you have a Fibery url in the post.
I’ve had it before where it changed what I shared to something else, and indeed it looks like it converted what you posted to this


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