Simple repeating tasks

I just setup a very simple repeating task automation in Fibery and I thought others might find it useful, even though it’s somewhat obvious (it took me a bit of fiddling to get the formulas right, so that may be true for others).

The desired result: when I mark a task “Done”, it resets the date of that task to X days in the future, creating a simple “recurrence” of the task.

I created two new fields, one to mark whether a Task reoccurs or not (Checkbox) and one two hold a simple numeric value “Recurring Interval” for the number of days until the task “reoccurs” again. Then I created an Automation that checks when the State field is set to “Done”, and when that happens it resets State to “New”, and adds the “Recurring Interval” to the current date and puts that into the Due Date field. The result is that the task is “re-used” and scheduled to be due X number of days after its completion.

Here are screenshots of the fields and automation:

And the simple formula I used (I may have made a mistake here, I’m still not very good with formulae, but it seems to work in my tests so far, hah):

Today() + Days([Step 1 Task].[Recurring Interval])

Possible improvements/extensions/adjustments you might want to consider (and should be easily able to extend the above process to do):

  • Set the recurrence date to X days from the original due date rather than from “today”
  • Add some Comment each time the task is completed, to easily track completion date (without having to reference the Activity Log), e.g. “Task completed on X”
  • Add a counter to track number of times it was completed
  • Create a new instance of the task, instead of re-using the same one
  • Etc.

I was surprised to not see something quite like this (though I may have missed it). There is Chris’s Repeating events, but I believe my approach is different enough to note here (though perhaps not complicated or unobvious enough :smile:).

My particular use case for this was inspired by the fact that I am seriously considering moving my entire personal task management and “Personal Knowledge Management” (PKM) process and tooling into Fibery. Currently this is spread for me across as many as 7 (!) different tools, and my intention is for Fibery to replace at least 4: Quip, Obsidian, Notion, and Amazing Marvin. The above behavior, while not necessarily everyone’s preference, actually emulates one way repeating tasks can work in Amazing Marvin and some other task management tools like ToDoist, which might contrast with more Project Management-oriented tools where very often you want an individual record of every “task completion”. For me just a Comment that it was completed is enough, and sometimes even that is overkill.

Anyway, I hope someone finds this useful!

I tackled this too, only slightly differently.

I have a field called “Repeats” which is a dropdown with “Daily, Monthly, Yearly” as options and the following automation

Date(If([Step 1 Task].Repeats.Name = "Yearly",Year([Step 1 Task].[Due Date]) + 1,Year([Step 1 Task].[Due Date])),If([Step 1 Task].Repeats.Name = "Monthly",Month([Step 1 Task].[Due Date]) + 1,Month([Step 1 Task].[Due Date])),If([Step 1 Task].Repeats.Name = "Daily",Day([Step 1 Task].[Due Date]) + 1,Day([Step 1 Task].[Due Date])))
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I really wish the formula editor would allow me to enter an actual script with assignments and such, then return a value

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It’s hard to see how scripting in formulas would work - what would ‘trigger’ the script?
It’s easy to determine that a formula should be recalculated based on it’s construction, less so for a script?

True. It was just a thought because the nested if’s was tedious and cumbersome and cleaning that up would be a good thing; but perhaps that’s solving the wrong problem.