[DONE] 📅 VOTE here for *Calendar* Integration Prioritization

Hi everyone.

To me, there is one single mission critical functionality missing in Fibery:

It does not have an full fledged, native external calendar provider implementation (Google Calendar/Outlook).

Who else is supporting the pledge to make this a top priority?

  • I require this too, it should be a top priority indeed
  • I would use it, but I don’t see this a top priority
  • I would not mind Fibery to never have Calendar Integration

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The Case.
Fibery right now does not even have a consolidated calendar, where I can see all events from all of Fibery. But what is even worse is the fact that there is no way to properly integrate events with an external calendar provider. I tried to get this to work through Zapier, but it is a mess (Update/Delete does not work). Furthermore, due to the nature of the API, I needed to create a new integration for every Type with events I want to have in my Calendar.

I do not consider planning tools that do not integrate with my Google Calendar anymore. This is an omission that makes fibery terribly impractical and I would never recommend switching my team to Fibery from ClickUp, which has an excellent Google Calendar integration.

Thank you Team Fibery for considering my suggestion and thanks everybody here for contributing your votes and comments.




If you are creating multiple tables/types for events, I think you should have all the events in a single type/table and make use of filters and views to extract certain projects or sections. This way it is easier to create reports, set up the app, set up calendars, etc. It should also make it easier for the API. If I am correct, ClickUp is setup the same way. Permission is a little weak in Fibery though currently. But I was told by support that Fibery is also developing entity level permission and should arrive soon.

In the current state, for some permission reason, you might need separate apps. A single calendar for types in multiple apps is available. You just have to press alt when selecting types in the calendar configuration. Be sure the dates are set up in the same way for the entire domain.

Regarding the google calendar integration, it would be cool to have it too. But I would prefer a good notification system inside Fibery more.

IMHO, Fibery should work as well for a team as for every individual contributor. I get nightmares having yet another tool with due dates assigned to me that do not automatically show up where they belong to, in my personal calendar. Everything else requires keeping track of due dates in different apps with different notification systems and different everything. Maybe you have to first experience how much of a difference this makes, I’ve seen it since I started using ClickUp, PomoDoneApp and RescueTime, all of which integrate perfectly with Google Calendar.

2/3 rd of users reported they need this integration too - what is the status? This, next to the missing public share feature, is the no. 1 reason we still have not adapted fibery.io.

Inevitably, the Fibery development team has limited resources and can’t work on all features that are requested. They have to be prioritized according to multiple dimensions, and at the moment this feature is not planned yet, sorry.

As a side note, I would caution against drawing conclusions from a discourse poll on a single topic. All we can say is that 19 users who visited this discussion in the last 18 months thought that calendar integration was a top priority. This is not the same as saying 2/3 users need it :slightly_smiling_face:
The majority of users do not even visit the community pages :slightly_frowning_face:

You are the ONLY one who voted to be okay, not having this feature, and I am particularly dissatisfied with your answer since you are in a role where I would expect you to stand for the customer interests, and not the “dev team point of view”.

The voting is still open, let us see if I can get some more votes for “my” case. Would love to hear the opinion of Michael @mdubakov about this, a visionary person whose work I have appreciated since the early days of targetprocess (2006!). I have a hard time believing that he does not see how much more powerful and flexibel this would make fibery!

I’m sorry that my answer disappointed you - I was just reporting the status of this feature request.
I was not arguing that this feature would not make Fibery more powerful/flexible, just pointing out that there is a limited number of features that can be worked on at any one time.

My comment about the number of votes was merely meant to highlight that the Fibery team has to take into account the needs of as many users as possible, including those who don’t participate in the community.

It’s possible that there are many users who have no need for the integration but who have never seen this poll.

p.s. I voted as a Fibery user (prior to joining the Fibery team)

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What a customer says they want doesn’t always align with the goals and success of a product. If you ask 20 people what’s most important to them on Fibery you are going to get 15 different answers.

What you’re missing is that Fibery currently focusing on things like custom integrations and API improvements is going to open the door for an App / Integration marketplace where things like your Google Calendar integration can be built by the community and the Fibery devs can focus on platform-wide features, UX/UI and bug fixes.

Source: I run an integration dev agency and we are very eager for an Fibery app marketplace so we can build some of the most wanted service integrations with bi-directional syncing.


Fair enough. Looking forward for the day Fibery or the integration dev agency of @Dimitri_S will publish my beloved missing feature. Thanks for following up.

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While I would like to have a better external calendar integration, your statement about showing everything in a consolidated calendar in fibery makes me wonder if you are missing what is possible with Fibery.

As long as you use consistent date fields, you should be able to show any entity type in a calendar view. You could have Tasks, Epics, Campaigns, etc all show up in the same calendar or timeline view. Fibery is one of the only tools to support something like that from what I’m aware of.

That said, I agree that clickup is a really good example for calendar integration.

As mentioned above, that isn’t required to show multiple types of data in one calendar view, but haven’t checked to see how that impacts reports.


I wanted to mention that I used Google Calendar as an example to work through when learning how the custom integrations work. I have that mostly working, but it is limited to only one-way sync into Fibery (Fibery doesn’t allow two-way at the moment) and I’d have to get it hosted. It currently will create a table of attendees, events, and calendars that are linked together.

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Searched for Calendar support and found this.

I don’t need two way sync, I was hoping I could have items created for each of my events I have scheduled via CalDAV (I use FastMail)

I wonder if this is possible via an automation?

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It’s possible either via the API or Integromat (Make)/Zapier.

I know @rothnic was also working in his own GCal integration at one point:

Yeah, I had something working specifically for google calendar. I was trying the full oauth solution where it could be hosted once, then anyone could leverage it. I generally felt the integration path was a little more complicated than i hoped it would be, but did get it working. I could clean that up if anyone is interested.

If I was using something new like caldav, then I’d leverage Make or for a budget option I’d consider nodered (cheap hosted solution)

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Basic experimental sync is live, so your feedback is appreciated

Google Calendar sync is released


That is absolutely awesome. But in the meantime I would need this implementation to work with Microsoft. Is this on the Roadmap? I would argue that Microsoft is still very popular, even with startups. Anybody here using fibery in a MS/Outlook/Teams environment?


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what about a generic caldev or ical implementation or office 365 support? We are not using google tools, so this is not feasable for us. Is there anything in the pipeline?
Best regards Marc