December 15, 2022 / πŸ“† Google Calendar Sync, Form View improvements, Faster live updates

:calendar: Google Calendar β†’ Fibery Sync (one-way :dash:)

You can sync Events from Google Calendar into Fibery. Fibery syncs Events, All Day Events, Calendars and Users. Check the full user guide. Sync is one-way, but there are still many useful cases, like capturing meeting notes, syncing holidays, vacations and birthdays.

Here are some notable use cases:

:rotating_light: IMPORTANT: Each Google Account sync will create a new Database for Events. Most likely this is not what you want for a team. You need to have an account that has access to all required calendars.

Share your cases and needs with us to make Google Calendar Sync even better!

Loooong list of new icons for Space and Forms :gift:

We’ve updated icons library and now it contains hundreds of new icons. You can use them in Space setup and Form Views.

Form View updates

Remove Fibery branding :moneybag:

Now you can remove Fibery branding on the bottom of the forms (in Pro edition only).

Submit another response β†Ί

If you want to help people fill the form several times, you can enable Submit another response button.

Customize success message

Forms are different and now you can define your own success message. You can even insert links with next actions or images to make success looks even more successful.

2022-12-15 13.52.39


Some nice improvements you will not notice but we brag about anyway.

Live updates got faster :running_woman:

Live updates for Views speed and stability improved. We’ve fixed several nasty bugs and it should work much better now.

Relation View setup icon bold move

We’ve removed … item in Relation View setup and moved it under the Database badge.

2022-12-15 13.46.45

:shrimp: 10 Fixed Bugs

  • Table View: Adjusting column width starts cell selection
  • Whiteboard: Ctrl+V puts element in wrong place in case it was copied from frame
  • When Creator installs a template, all Databases, Views, and Entities are created under their name
  • Error while trying to import some Space
  • Strange and useless tooltip at the bottom of left menu
  • It’s impossible to expand relation view on public workspace
  • Scheduled rule issue - all emails are sent to the same user
  • Icons don’t get re-rendered once changing theme from light to dark and vice versa
  • Broken drag and drop into Hidden spaces section
  • Database settings: missing list of related views

Another solid feature release :muscle:

Loooong list of new icons for Space and Forms :gift:

[Fixed Bug] Table View: Adjusting column width starts cell selection

My two favorite parts


It’s the little things :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Awesome :heart_eyes: Really like the option to insert images in the success message :rofl::heart:

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Links to instructions broken? or is it my local problem?

Oh, I added an incorrect link. Now it is fixed.


I have a database called Meetings and I would like to sync this with Google Calendar (so that would be the opposite way, from Fibery to Google).

Is that possible?

Thanks! =)

This can be done via Zapier or Make only.

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And is there a free solution?
Like the one that sends information from Google Calendar to Fibery?

You might be able to live within the limits of Zapier/Make’s free plan:

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