CHANGELOG: November 10, 2022 / Centralized import, Database description

:wave: Centralized import

Import data from tools like Jira, Notion, or ClickUp from a single page.

Syncing via Integration Templates is nice but it’s not necessary when you jump ships and say goodbye to a tool that Fibery replaces.

:thinking: Database Description

Explain what a particular Database is for to guide teammates, especially new hires:

The description appears in the Database badges tooltip across the whole Workspace:

:butterfly: Small Improvements

  • See yourself first when picking a User in Assignments.
  • Show Public Id Field for Entities mentioned in rich text.
  • Collapse to-many relation Fields on Entity View.
  • Understand what particular part of Fibery is responsible for an anonymous change in Audit Log.

:shrimp: 8 Fixed Bugs

  • Unnecessary “Show other Users” option in Assignees dropdown
  • Get rid of “Enter text”/“Select date” placeholder in formula fields
  • Rename Files and Comments units
  • Formulas: do not allow First() inside Aggregation functions
  • Endless loader and js error in attempt to convert to mention link to context page
  • ‘Could not load account info’ for integration set up from templates
  • Hidden Spaces should have explanatory text inside when it is empty
  • Input for field description should be multi-lined

This is a great one! I particularly love that the DB descriptions show everywhere on-hover. I hadn’t thought of that but it’s a really nice touch.

Small but mighty! :tada:

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It’s mean that Google Calendar is in the screenshot but not deployed :joy:

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It is implemented, we are now trying to get proper certificate from Google and it takes time :slight_smile:


Is it a two way perpetual sync? Will it work with the HubSpot integration (which also has a concept of “people”)?

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I guess it doesn’t matter, we can auto link them with a rule.

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Consider this a teaser :sweat_smile:

So far, one-way sync to Fibery.

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Looking forward to the the Google calendar sync! Curious if outlook 365 sync in the horizon or no? My company uses Microsoft but not google system.

Not yet, but if the demand is there…
You could create a feature request here in the community and we’ll see if it gathers a lot of votes…


Is there a reason that the integrations (or maybe technically “import tools”) for Notion, Clickup, Gmail, and Airtable are not advertised through the Fibery website (in particular the Fibery features page)? It seems like a no brainer to me that this could help flip some more prospective users.

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Good question. I note your previous topic on the subject as well, that received no replies from the team. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Especially since they just updated the website. You’d think that stuff would have been made more obvious.