Bi-directional integrations/sync

It feels like this is a request that ought to already exist here, and I’m sure it has been discussed in other threads at the least. But I couldn’t find a dedicated topic for it, so here we are (possibly I’m just using the wrong search terms :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:).

In short, with the already powerful Fibery capability to “mirror” the data models of other apps, and the coming automations functions, I am really hoping that these integrations can become bi-directional some day soon, i.e. adding “write” capability to make changes in external systems. So for example if a Bug Report linked to a Forum Topic in Discourse is marked Solved/Complete in Fibery, it can automatically post a Reply to Discourse in that Topic with e.g. the last Comment on the closed Entity from Fibery, and select that post as the Solution (“Solved” plugin), then Close the topic. Or update a Github issue from Fibery, etc.

This kind of capability would make Fibery a true central hub from which you could do almost anything, manage almost any process, and have to leave the system much less. I’m sure you have it in mind, and like I said I know it has been touched on in other topics. I’m also imagining it will be complex to implement, and probably involve some custom handling of many of the integrations (e.g. what makes sense as a write function in the context of one integration vs. another). But I would love to have some more direct understanding of where such capability might lie in the team’s plans and how you envision them working.


I fully support this. I’m very excited for this, and just like @Oshyan would love to get a sense of the plans and roadmap here.

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To clarify, I think I am somewhat asking about two different things here, maybe. One would simply be bi-directional editing of integrated data, so if I click e.g. “Closed” checkbox in Fibery on a Discourse Topic, it will close that topic in Discourse itself. This kind of thing may not be as feasible for some data of integrated apps, e.g. Intercom conversations or Discourse Replies, as they are currently integrated (just additions to the Rich Text field). But maybe with a more sophisticated future integration?

The other feature, which would work with the more basic bi-directional data manipulation, would be automations, which we already know are coming. So it would, I think, be an automation that handles the “if a bug report linked to a forum topic is marked complete”… part of my original description.

Hi, @Oshyan

Thanks for feedback and questions. Our team are working on automations and integrations. As you know we have added some integrations, but unfortunately Discource are not among them. Anyway for now it is just one-way integration and bi-directional data sync will be available only in future release as a part of automations. Not sure when we will add Discource app, but we will provide the possibility to add custom integrations and automations for our customers in nearest future. We will do our best to make the way of adding custom integration apps as simple as possible.

Could you please let me know will you be interested in adding your custom integrations and automations into Fibery? It will require some coding effort from your team side.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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Thank you for the response. I am a bit unclear on some of what you said, because Discourse is already supported as an integration in Fibery, but only one-way sync as is true I think for all Fibery integrations currently.

I can think of many specific use cases for bi-directional sync, or to put it another way “edit data in remote system”. Is it helpful if we all just add as many examples as we can think of?

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Hi, @Oshyan

Thanks for correcting me. You are right. We have Discource added and it’s one way sync.
We understand how important bi-directional data sync, but your examples will be very helpful for us to understand the scale of two way data sync. Please drop your cases if have some minute. Really appreciate your time.


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Want to add strong support for this. In fact, in my opinion a one-directional “integration” is a misnomer. Unless the integration works both ways, there’s a good chance you can replicate a one way sync with an API. So the “native” integration isn’t that helpful. Most good integrations I’ve used, like ClickUp/Front of Jira/Bitbucket, give you a good view of the respective integrated app inside the other app.

One example is to update a task in one app from “in progress” to “done,” and the equivalent task entity in the other updates as well. The Unito middleware does this well in some cases, like you can mirror comments between apps within Tasks, but lacks the polish of better “native” integrations where you can see more of the integrated app inside the other. Hubspot/Jira is another good example.

Examples I’d like to see:

  • Full integration with Version Control Systems (Gitlab, Bitbucket, Github) - automatic pull request updating entity in Fibery; merges going across both systems, etc. etc., Linear, and of course Jira are all doing this very well

  • GSuite marketplace Email integration. All top-tier apps (Smarsheet, Atlassian, Asana, Wrike, etc.) have this. You can create a task out of the Gmail App on your phone even

  • Tight integration with payments/time tracking app, like hub staff. So you can track and pay contractors, a big deal in this remote era

  • Calendar - huge. You should be able to send an entity to a Gcal and have a Google Meet link auto populate back to the Entity - key if you are running Meeting Notes in Fibery, which is a big thing I think a lot of teams will do because it’s one of the best uses of Fibery. The calendar item should update back in Fibery if linked if you change it directly in Google Calendar, and vice versa.

Really hoping to see some of this stuff shortly!


I agree with all this. I just want to highlight that these are two distinctly different (though related) things, and I’d be happy with the simpler of the two (change data in either app and it reflects in the other, but no integrated UI elements). In the long-term the more deep integration would be very nice to have, e.g. an “add task to Fibery” button in Gmail like ClickUp has. But for now I mostly just want to be able to change something in Fibery and have it reflected in the remote system so I can spend more of my time in one system. That’s my real goal, personally.

Yeah, this is a great example that I’d like to see too.

Also would be great, though this falls more into the second category of what I consider “deeper”/more sophisticated integration, I think.

Interesting specifics here that I didn’t think of. But definitely agree that GCal is a critical integration and should be bi-directional.


I support integrations and use-cases mentioned in this post.

My personal interest is in GitLab integration, with bi-directional integration of issues, epic and labels. As a product leader, I’d like to be able to manage everything from Fibery without having to open GitLab for product management.

I other words, Based on my objectives and collected feedback, I would like to create the Features and related user stories in Fibery. Then organize the work to be done for the dev team in Epics, merge requests and milestones to be sync with the appropriate labels in GitLab.

This would allow me to centralize all the work into Fibery and ensure that I can then link insights, ideas, objectives, KPI all at 1 location.

Hoping to see this integration soon.

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One possible solution is to bring development team into Fibery :slight_smile:

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Yes, however there is still value in being able to affect target systems in integrations with changes in Fibery.