Suggestion for Website: display recently-added popular integrations in integrations page (Notion, Airtable)

I noticed information regarding the Notion and Airtable integrations is not shown in the “Integrations” portion of Fibery’s website. As these are major platforms, it could be a tipping point for someone to try Fibery out. I recommend updating your Integrations section accordingly to make these integrations front and center (i.e., so people don’t have to dig into the User Guide to find them)! :slight_smile:

Wait, I know there’s an Airtable integration (though oddly it does not show up in the Integrations template section, nor is it in any other section except for “All”; odd). But I’m not aware of a Notion “integration”. Fibery can import data from Notion via CSV, just like it can from any CSV data source (and does it pretty well overall). But an integration via their API would be even nicer. Does that exist and somehow I can’t find it? If so I agree, should 100% be mentioned on the website!

At the very least the Airtable integration should be mentioned as that’s quite significant. Many people potentially migrating from there. And in fact I would say that Integrations page in genera should have more search indexable text rather than a big screenshot. :thinking:

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Here you are! And agreed, the integrations section should be more searchable.

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Ah! It’s one of those sneaky ones that doesn’t show up unless you go directly to Integrate on an existing Database! It appears it was released relatively recently (1.5 months), so I’m wondering if it’s just considered beta/unfinished and maybe that’s why they haven’t talked more about it? It definitely should be promoted more as it’s one of the most popular and accessible “wiki + database” apps around. Airtable is a better spreadsheet replacement, Coda is more powerful, but Notion is by far the easiest to get started with, and the most “fun” and “sticky”. Fibery needs to help “unstick” some of that. :smile:

Also I’m really glad you pointed this out as I will have need of this integration very soon!

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