Google Calendar Sync Feedback

Yes, Google Calendar is approved.

We’ve released it silently today and please consider it as a beta. One problem that we have is All Day events visualization, right now it is NOT possible to visualize usual events and all day events in a single Calendar/Timeline Views. It will be fixed soon and this is the only reason we are not announcing Google Calendar.

Navigate to any space and click Integrations then select Google Calendar. Next steps should be relatively straightforward.

Then create a Calendar View for Event database.

NOTE: Sync is one-way only, from Google to Fibery.

Any feedback is welcome!

Wonderful! :heart:


Feedback: Adding multiple Google accounts creates multiple databases for each. Is it possible to have each integrated Google account enter data into the same database?

Why do you need them in the same DB?
Most relevant views (calendar, timeline etc.) support showing entities from multiple DBs

Because it feels more correct and duplicating databases/types with the same schema seems a little redundant, and showing multiple “User” types in views is a hack, not a solution (IMO)


  • Users should be called “Person”
  • I should be able to change their name
  • People often use multiple email addresses. Is it going to be possible to merge people into a single record?

Sorry, I thought you were referring to duplicate databases for Events, and it seemed fine to me that you might want different calendars separated for several reasons.

I presume you opted not to adopt calendar users as Fibery Users then.

It’s possible to choose the database name to be used by the sync

You can add extra fields to a synced database, so perhaps you could add First name and Last name fields to accommodate the extra info needed.

The calendar users can be thought of as just email identifiers, so you could name the syncd user database as Email, and then add a relation field (many to one) to a new database of your own (called Person).

(and in fact, you can add the First name and Last name fields to this database instead of to the synced one as described :arrow_up:)

This won’t work, as I’d need to use a lookup on the Person to see events we attended together and those lookups have no views, filters, or sorting.

Can you explain what you’re trying to achieve - not sure I get it.
Do you need a view showing events you attended and then for each such event, a list of other attendees?

I use Fibery as a CRM. When I click on a Person, I want to see our most recent meetings / events.

I manually enter those events atm, but I want to switch to the Google Calendar sync; but due to the reasons above that is unlikely.

Events are attending by people, not email addresses. Of course we use that as identifiers and I understand the constraints of the existing sync. I don’t mind adding an Email relation to my Person entity, but we’d need to be able to treat lookups like any other relation entity (sort, filter, view) though I’m not sure if that’s technically possible with how they work?

Can we dig deeper here? I still don’t get the case fully.

For example, in our company all internal meeting participants have emails, so it is easy for us to set that email is unique (we don’t care about personal meetings with email addresses).

Moreover, in a company you can access ALL calendars of your teammates, so you want to integrate calendars of many people, it is technically possible from a single account. For example, here I selected calendars for 2 people, but I may add more…

So now we can

  1. Add Meeting Notes field to Event and capture meeting notes right here. Agenda is visible right away as well
  2. See calendars of all required people in Fibery and link events to some areas (like a Task in marketing, a Feature in product, etc)
  3. Link Events to Accounts (Leads and Customers) manually (it is possible to try to create a Formula that will takes Attendees collection and take first non-Fibery email, so you can try to set a relation automatically, but so far we are not sure it is a good solution, since there can be several non-Fibery attendees on a meeting and there will be errors with auto-linking)

What is your scenario with Google Calendar? What flow you want to have?

But this is like internal usage.

Here’s a short video to show how you could use a Person database, related to (multiple) users that are syncd from Google calendar (db named Contact) and then show all meetings attended for a specific Person.


Is this the sort of thing you are after?

I tried not syncing the users, so I can auto relate them to my Person type; but this doesn’t quite work either.

If I sync them as Fibery native, do we need to pay for every person in my Calendar list as a user?

I also don’t understand why All Day Events are handled separately. It’s all a little weird.

The event syncing is great and covers most of what I need. I’ll just need to add my own people relation and manually add people when I’m taking notes. It’s not that much of a lift. I’m just excited I have my events in there.

They get created as Guest users, so they’re free of charge.

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It’s because Fibery treats DateTimeRange fields (date fields with start and end dates and with times) differently to DateRange fields (date fields with start and end dates).
However, it will soon be possible to show both types on timelines and calendars, at which point the distinction causes fewer problems.