Google Calendar Sync Feedback

My concern with that is that everyone in my calendar gets an invite email to Fibery :sweat_smile:

Can you provide your desired use case here?

  1. I create an event inside Google Calendar, and add my teammates to the event
  2. The event gets imported to Fibery, and those teammates get automatically assigned to that event in Fibery

OK, so they are assigned, and then what? How it will affect they flows in Fibery?

If you have Google Suite, I believe the best possible solution right now is to add many calendars to some account and sync only this one account. For example, here I’ve added several calendars of other people and they all will be synced to a single Event database.

And then you can filter Events by Calendar, if you need, thus creating a single-user view of all events.

NOTE: All events will be visible to users that have access to the Space with events.

We want them automatically assigned to the event in Fibery so that they can see their events in their daily dashboard. Every user has this dashboard, which looks like this:

Aside from that, I think it’s a good practise to see all events of a user directly linked in Fibery itself. Without having to do any intermediate linking. So you click on the user, and then you see todo’s, projects, events, etc.

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This is possible, but relatively tricky, let me explain the flow first and then show details.

  1. Sync Google calendar to Fibery
  2. Create auto-linking from Person (User) in google calendar to User in Fibery (I renamed User in Google Calendar to Person for clarity).
  3. Add Assignees field to Event
  4. Create two rules in Event
  • First that will assign a user from organizer of event
  • Second that will assign a user from attendees collection of event.
  1. Delete all events and re-sync to handle automations

Note it may take time to process all the events.

1. Create auto-linking from Person (User) in google calendar to User in Fibery (I renamed User in Google Calendar to Person for clarity).

NOTE: linking is by email field.

3. Create two rules in Event

Assign event organizer

Assign event attendee


I think Fibery needs some new level of “meta automation” that can accomplish this kind of dance (and others) automatically.

Perhaps all that is missing is a more-complete API with the ability create and fully manage Automations and DBs.

Thanks! Seems to work great for a single calendar.

But adding the calendars of team members trough this way isn’t properly working:

If I do this, it will create an event in Fibery for each calendar. So if we have a team meeting with 3 people, and I add all those 3 calendars to the Fibery sync, it will show a specific event 3 times in Fibery.

Do you have a different solution for this @mdubakov ?

Indeed… It seems we should have many-to-many between Calendar and Event, I will discuss it with a team tomorrow


Syncing frequency is also a small issue. Sometimes I want to shoot in a meeting 5 minutes beforehand, and then having to wait possibly 60 minutes before it’s synced in Fibery is not ideal. I know I can press “sync now” but something like a webhook for each change would be better, then a full sync isn’t necessary every 60 minutes even.


Also not all my Gcal events are being synced to Fibery, maybe it’s because they were modified (created) some months ago. I think it has to do with why some “old” events are currently being synced to Fibery where they should not have been, like I mentioned in the chat @mdubakov


If this is set to the Gcal start date instead of modified date, things should work properly. Unless you had a specific reason to choose modified date, but this way I’m missing a lot of months ago created events.

Other question, somewhat related to this.

We have weekly recurring team meetings, and each meeting we set todo’s which should be finished next meeting. When we open the next meeting (recurring event in Gcal), we want these todo’s to be automatically visible there. With a “tag” of the previous meeting(s).

We can set that manually in the next meeting, like this:

But is there a way to keep persisting the todo’s in a recurring event until they have a certain status (done)? It’s a good idea to keep the team accountable by showing the not finished previous todo’s each meeting, so everyone knows that they have priority.

Maybe it’s something we have to set in Gcal, or something you guys can take with you as feedback while building out this feature.

Thank you for the cool feedback, so:

  1. We will remove duplication of events and an event will have several Calendars
  2. Modified after setting will be changed to Events starting from setting
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In theory this can be done via scheduled automations I believe, so you run the script daily and re-link tasks from old event to new event. Not sure how easy it is to setup though so far…

Seems like you have already implemented this, great! Works on my end.

One other issue now is that all futurue repeating events are added to Fibery. Which can be quite a lot.

It’s not a huge issue because we can filter future dates out in a view, but it makes it very hard to search for a specific repeating meeting on a specific day, using the linking field.

Since you can only search on name, and all names are the same.

So I was thinking maybe I can rename the title (auto generated) with an automation, by adding the date in the name. But that doesn’t seem to be possible.

What is the best way to give a unique identifier (preferably the date in our case) to the name of a repeating event?

I was thinking if you add the date field here:

That it will show up inside the linking dropdown:

But maybe you have a different solution.

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Also it’s an idea to filter out “focus time” and “out of office” from the integration. Since those now are also being synced to Fibery.


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  1. We’ve already released new version without events duplication, it links an event to several Calendars, please try it

  1. We added date automatically to all repeating events, like Weekly Meeting 15-Nov-2022
  2. So far we don’t want to filter Focus and Out of office. OOO can be used for vacations tracking, so we want to collect more feedback.
  3. We also wrote a user guide (with some use cases in the bottom) . | Fibery
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That is awesome. In the meantime, I work for a company that is using Microsoft. Is Outlook Calendar Sync on the Roadmap?

It is not on the roadmap - the demand is not yet high enough.
If you wanted, you could create a feature request here in the community, and you might attract some more votes for it.