CHANGELOG: Feb 17: Multi-panel navigation, Convert fields (Text, Dates), Integration API docs, 24 fixed bugs

:mount_fuji: Multi-panel navigation

After three months of development, many implemented tasks, and 37 fixed bugs, we are releasing multi-panel navigation. It should simplify information exploration and works best with references.

Here is the post with more details.

Next things we are considering to add:

  • Important fields concept. Important fields will be always visible in a panel.
  • An ability to search and open any entity in some panel.
  • Open View in a panel (Board, Table, etc).

We need your feedback to make them better! :ear:

:butterfly: Convert fields (within class)

We’re working on Fields conversion and today several more conversions are available within a single class:

  • Convert between Text, Email, URL, and Phone Fields
  • Convert Date and Date Range to Datetime and Datetime Range
  • Convert Formula Fields within class (Text and Date)

Convert is just an edit field from a user point of view.

Reports performance improved

You can also remove fields from reports data source to make update faster. With 20-50K entities a report may be slow to load and update. Most likely you don’t need all the fields, just remove them and report load time may improve dramatically.

Integration API docs

You can create custom Integrations now, here are the documentation that will guide you:


  • Trash Bin works faster now (I know, it sounds weird, but it is true)

:shrimp: 24 Fixed bugs

  • Filters: Assignments filters get broken in some case
  • Filters: cut long field name to leave more space for value
  • Filters: Add right margin to ‘No option’ placeholder in Filter, Sort and Color coding
  • Filters: “select …” placeholder in drop-down but “all” value should be there by default
  • Reports: Report doesn’t load in edit mode if apply temporary filters in view mode
  • Whiteboard: Blank image component on whiteboard if you cancel the upload
  • Whiteboard: It’s hard to select and move line
  • Whiteboard: Very small size of new created shapes sometimes
  • Whiteboard: Blank tree view is shown on whiteboard if cancel creation
  • Whiteboard: ‘Add Text’ placeholder is shown when add Tree view
  • Whiteboard: Do not create an empty card in case user selects nothing and go to another view
  • Whiteboard: Arrows between cards on whiteboard change color to white in some case
  • Code block: Some languages disappeared from formatting popup
  • Code block: Formatting get changed in code block when type a text, but Value in the selector doesn’t
  • Missing ‘mail to:’ for email fields
  • Rich edit: Entity becomes broken if uploaded image is too big
  • Rich edit: Images become unavaliable because of incorrect copy-pasting
  • Left menu: Exception in attempt to access workspace for specific user after he adds feed view to Favorites
  • Cannot dnd fields on Entity View outside of viewport
  • Audit Log: weird names in some places
  • Automation formulas. Does not allow collection result in IF branches
  • Wrong placeholder and error message for ‘Database name’ input
  • Adding new database: some minor issues
  • Fix alignment for “exact date” option in Colors toolbar if “is on or before” option is selected

I do believe this needs some priority if I’m understanding correctly. I’m pretty sure that was some immediate feedback received when in experimental mode and is now covered here.

I love the multi-panel navigation, but as-is it is like a chair missing a leg. There is so much promise, but right now it gets in the way 80% of the time.


Yeah, this and Important fields are next features here. We will not stop till add them

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Feels strangely satisfying to see a bug fixed in many of these changelogs that I may have been responsible for reporting. :grin:

New features are nice but I can feel the polish on Fibery improving over these past few weeks