More flexibility with dates

Hi, first of all, I have to say that Fibery is an amazing product!
I love its flexibility!

For now, I am planning to use it for my personal and professional life (I am a freelancer), but I can see myself using it together with collaborators when I’ll have enough budget to hire them.

I have two requests/suggestions regarding date fields:

Start/end time:
right now, if I enable the time and the end date in a date field, I am required to enter them.
If would be great if:

  1. those were optional, not all tasks require a specific time and/or an end date.
  2. I want to be able to see all these in a single calendar view.
    Notion manages dates this way more or less.

Recurring tasks:
are recurring dates on your roadmap? It would be extremely helpful to set recurring dates on a custom schedule and see all the occurrences on the calendar. Sort of how ClickUp does that.
Also it should be possible to edit a single occurrence or all future occurrences in a single edit.

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Hi, Stefano!

  1. those were optional, not all tasks require a specific time and/or an end date.
    So, you have different kinds of Tasks, that live in a single Type and have a field, that is called - let it be “Deadline”. So, in different Tasks, there will be different date formats? Could you please share some use cases? I’m curious about it :face_with_monocle:
  2. As for the Calendar - that totally makes sense, it has to be improved.

Recurring tasks:
We have that feature in our roadmap, but not sure about ETA. So now are waiting for the Integromat integration approval and hope to solve that case with its help. At least till we make it out-of-the-box :hugs:

That’s right, here is an example. Note that I am planning to use Fibery just for myself for now.

I have a Type called “Tasks” that contains all todos related to client projects (Clients and Projects are two other Types, by the way), they could be:

  • Very quick tasks that are mostly reminders (e.g. “Follow up las week phone call with John”), so they just need a start date and time, I don’t want to waste time by entering an end time (maybe it can be solved by setting up a default duration that automatically set the end time and then we can adjust it manually? Sort of like how you create events in Google Calendar)
  • Bigger tasks that require blocking a few hours of time during the day (e.g. “Develop X for Client Y”)
  • Multiday tasks (e.g. vacations, work-related trips) that require a start and end date, but not a time.

I could set up 3 different types (Reminders, BigTasks and Vacations), but then I won’t be able to view all of them in a single calendar view (because the Date column has different options in each of them) to have the big picture of my availability.


I support all this functionality and glad to see some others trying to use Fibery for this type of work/task management on a daily basis. I actually posted a specific request for Recurring as there was none here yet:

And thanks @Polina_Zenevich for responding over there!