Date Flexibility

First post. Many more to come.

I have discovered Fibery’s amazing feature where fields of the same name and type can be sorted alongside one another, even if they’re in different databases. That’s absolutely nuts - I’ve never seen this before.

One limitation I’ve run in to happens when you have a single date field type without times in one database (Let’s call the field “Date”) and another date field with ranges and times in another database (We’ll also call this one “Date”).

Even though the fields are named the same and have all the same components (a date field, at least one date, a specified time (which defaults to midnight if not set)), we should be able to sort them as one, and filter against them as one.

Could this be implemented?

Until this is possible, have you considered adding a formula field to the database with the date range, which extracts the relevant part, e.g. something like this:
Date(Year(DateRange.Start()), Month(DateRange.Start()), Day(DateRange.Start()))
and then using this in your sorting?

(this assumes that you rename the range field so that this new formula field can take the same name as the Date field on the other database)

Oh, that’s a great idea! I hadn’t thought of that. Other softwares I’ve used, the Formula fields seem so computationally expensive that I usually avoid them, but it seems like you’ve built Fibery to take that load in stride.

Are the results of formulas cached or stored statically on disk/DB, only changing in response to specific events, or are they generated in real-time on the server or client?