"Due Date" type of Date option - perhaps Extension?

Hi Guys,

As I move forward in Fibery, I am realizing more and more that unlike some of the other “nocode” stuff like Airtable, Notion, Coda, etc., Fibery shines in that it is built for Work Management, unlike those tools. You guys have some features here that are geared towards that, such as Workflows. In those other tools, there is no such concept. But this is a big benefit with Fibery as Workflow is such an essential piece of Work Management

I have found that I can see a need again and again for another essential part of Work Management - the concept of a due date. Currently you have to use filters and colors to show an entity is overdue. I think if you guys could build in a little more native handling of a “due date”, there would be great use here. This could firstly bring simple viewing across all areas of Fibery overdue items, very important. Down the road with dependencies and other features connected with planning, due dates would be very useful.

Hope that’s helpful guys and curious to get your thoughts on this!

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I think another critical part of “due date”-type functionality would be notifications. Currently notifications are quite limited, no date-based ones as far as I’m aware. Certainly due dates should tie in to notifications, then. In fact I would think that would be one of the core aspects of it.


This is great @Oshyan and thank you for the comments lately!

This is part of exactly what I was thinking with this “built out” concept of a Due Date inside Fibery.

I think one of the greatest things @mdubakov and co. are on to is the approach of having “extensions” (which I often think of actually as “apps”) you can add in to the general structure, which is otherwise more or less an open canvas. You can add as you please, but don’t need to. It is very powerful not to be forced into having a Workflow. I have been using Entities as Docs, and I don’t have a workflow on them most of the time as that’s not needed for this type of Entity. But in a tool like ClickUp or Wrike, you have to have these pieces, and it gets awkward.

This is where Fibery differentiates from the likes of Coda, Airtable, and Notion. In those tools you simply have a “date” field, or a “person” field, but in neither case can you expect certain typical behavior for Work Management tools like notifications as you point out. By building functionality around the existing Extension library, Fibery is solving this. If you want a plain “date” column for some reason, and don’t want to associate it with Due Dates, you can have that. If we had a “Due Date” extension though, like we have Assignments, you could choose what suits you best.

@helloitse it occurs to me that this is a subject that would interest you, so would love to get your take as well!

Thanks again!

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We have this in plans for sure


This is great to hear, thanks for the update!

This continues to be a pain point as my team gets bigger in Fibery, would love to know if you guys have any guidance on when this might come around? I’m not sure how many users are trying to do hard core Task/Project Mgmt with Fibery, in which case you really need a concept of “overdue” and some notification capability around that. Right now all I can do is color Overdue stuff differently on a board (but with the limited “line” which I think my team easily ignores, which highlights the need for this feature of Colored Cards so the impact of a “red” overdue entity is as big as possible!

Grateful for any info on when you guys would implement something like this - very happy it’s approved so at least I can hope it’s coming sooner or later!



Is this still a possibility/on the roadmap?

Hi, I’m a novice Fibery user but just wanted to share an attempted workaround using the recently released Rules feature:

  1. Create a “Days Overdue” formula field (Today - Due Date).
  2. Create a label field “Overdue?” You can make the Overdue option red (other options can be “On Time”, and “Due Today”).
  3. Create a rule so that whenever “Days Overdue” changes (which happens every day because Today is dynamic) AND due date is before today, then the label field “Overdue?” value becomes “Overdue”. Create equivalent rules for “On Time” and “Due Today”

Here are screenshots of how I implemented this –


Table View:

Board View:

You may also add a View Filter to hide “Done” items.

Also, I wonder if you can add the “Send Email Notifications” action to this rule when it gets released: https://fibery.io/blog/chronicles-34/

Please let me know if I overlooked anything~

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OK, so now that we have Notifications through Automations, and we can create calculated value fields to trigger such notifications, how much are we missing from dedicated functionality for this? @mdubakov on a strategic level is this kind of specialized date-related functionality something you have interest in implementing (even if not short-term)? Or are you more intending to meet such needs with the combination of more flexible features like Formula Field + Automation + Notifications?

I think any reasonably desirable date-driven notification can be achieved with the functionality that is now available :partying_face:
I can imagine that some users may want notification some days before the due date, others when the date has passed, etc. so I suspect that any native due date functionality would end up needing to be configurable, at which point, it’s probably almost as easy to configure using automation (provided users can be helped to figure out how :slight_smile: )

Maybe there is a future for ‘functional templates’ (not templates for types/relations but templates for combinations of fields/formulas/notifications) that serve a specific purpose like this, but which can be added to any type…
The stuff I did in relation to task dependency would be another example, maybe…

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Yeah, I was kind of thinking the same thing, and that maybe this could be Closed. I just want to make sure I’m not forgetting anything important, heh.

I agree that some kind of “templates” (or “saved config”?) for Automations that can be reapplied/reconfigured in different Types would be helpful.

Nicely done

Notifications in automation is available now :ok_hand:

I will just add that it would also be possible to get a daily reminder of overdue items by creating a rule that triggers each time the ‘Days overdue’ number field changes (and is a positive number).
Some people might get a bit sick of that though :wink:

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So far notifications are global, but I believe people will want to have they own private notifications, so not sure this should be considered done.

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But it’s possible using automations to send a notification to only the assignee(s) for example, isn’t it?

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Oh, that’s definitely true then! I haven’t tested it quite yet. :smiley: