CHANGELOG: August 5 / Export Document or Entity to Markdown, Notify People Action

:newspaper_roll: Export Document or Entity to Markdown

Now you can export documents and entities into markdown. Find Export to Markdown in the right top corner.

What is exported? You will get an archive with a markdown file and all images. If an entity has several rich edit fields, all the fields will be added into a single markdown file.


  1. Now you can write an article in Fibery, export it into markdown, and quickly publish it on any platform, like a Gatsby-powered blog.
  2. Transfer documents between Fibery and some other system.
  3. We believe you will invent something new for sure

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:call_me_hand: Notify People Action

We’re improving automation rules, and introduce Notify actions. People will receive notifications in Fibery and they will obey notification settings. It means notification can go to Slack or Email as well.

Now you can notify Assignees, Creators, or other linked Users about something important (or not) in Fibery. Markdown templates are supported, so notifications can be clever (or not).

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:butterfly: Improvements

Switch between full page and modal regimes for entity view

It was not possible to get back after you opened an entity on a full view. We’ve added a button to make it possible. Enjoy!

2021-08-05 16.00.09

Automation Rule status indicator and status notification

Failed rules now have a red indicator, so you can discover them and fix them

When a rule fails several times, admin will receive a notification about the failure, so she can discover and fix it.

Rules disabling

Admin can manually enable or disable any rule.

When some rule fails several times, Fibery will automatically disable it and send a notification to admin, so she can discover and, you know what.

Batch Actions are aggregated into a single Actions button

It takes less space, since there can be many actions:

Documents history supports inline comments now.

Previously comments get lost, now you can recover them.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs


  • Non-creators are able to create folders & smart folders in the app when open app settings page by direct link
  • Hide Group switcher for Lookups with no user collection as a result
  • App without types is not available to non-admins
  • Editor lost the ability to create docs & whiteboards in the app
  • Non-admin Creator can’t move type to another app

App Sharing

  • Assignees filters do not import correctly via sharing app
  • Error in attempt to share app if there is button has some of the enlisted actions
  • Formula in automations does not get imported correctly


  • Impossible to assign the same user to the same entity after re-install the Assignment extension
  • Automation: error in rules if field used for Update trigger has been deleted

:partying_face: This comes at a useful time. :smiley:

Isn’t it fairer to say, “Now you can export documents and the rich text fields of entities into markdown” ?
It’s not yet possible to export all the entity’s fields, references, etc. is it?

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Yes, this is correct, only rich edit fields are exported so far.

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