General Observations 1

I’ve just started using Fibery, and just had a few quick observations:

  • Deletion is way too easy I think. Should be able to limit to just marking as Archived or Inactive.

  • I love the interesting rich text of the wiki editor, and the fact that you can easily convert to entities, but, I wonder about importing my many documents written in Markdown.

  • Maybe it’s a feature but, there is no “Save” button. If saving is automatic, maybe there could be a little status indicator that the save happened? As it is, you’re not sure, and you wonder if you click off or hit Esc, will it save or not.

  • Description field should just stay sticky on top instead of getting pushed to bottom, because when you install apps, it gets pushed down. I can’t imagine such a main field needing to be at the bottom of any edit record modal.

    Fibery 1.0.1 (build 2089)


  1. Indeed it is too easy to delete an entity. In future we will implement something like Archive and it will be possible to recover deleted entities

  2. Markdown support is unclear now. We use ProseMirror and will check how hard it is.

  3. Yes, you are right. UI is not complete and polished, saving indicators will be added

  4. This bug is caused by outdated apps. It will be fixed with new apps updated in the next weeks.

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+1 for markdown

We use markdown extensively

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@mdubakov Looks like it can switch between the normal and markdown:


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