[✔️] Markdown export

Use cases
Export documents (or excerpts from the documents) in fibery.

Current workflow
Now I can do it either via the API or using some third-party services integrations (e.g. github issues are exported preserving markdown format).


  • a button to export document as markdown

Export is implemented in latest release

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Yay! Thanks for implementing this! The lack of markdown export was my last remaining major reservation about Finery.

Is there a plan in the future to be able to export an entire workspace to markdown (so that you could export all entities without having to manually click on each one)?


Sure, this was just a necessary first step. Next are:

  1. Select entities in table view and export in batch
  2. Export entire workspace (it will take longer to implement)

Fantastic! That’s great to hear!

Please make it possible to import and export MD automatically to given backend machen, preferable as part of a git workflow. I.e. if a entity changed push a PR towards GitHub, or push a branch in plain git. May also the other way around to react on GH actions?


Thanks for sharing Holger, but I’m not sure that I understand the problem… If you could share more details, that would be super cool :frog:

@Polina_Zenevich sure no problem, tough this was clear enough… But in more details the Use case:

As a user I want to eliminate manual and local data as much i can (may expect a full export as backup to run away from fibery, which is understandable as part of “fear management” but should not the main driver IMHO)

In this context I would not like to have local zip download, which i need to manually un pack and copy and paste in another system, manually.

I rather would prefer to configure a action which triggers at a change condition (or any other) and sends the object markdown “serialisation” towards a given “target” which might be:

  • a git repo
  • a S3 Endpoint
  • a API PR request API Call at Github / Gitlab

This gives us the opportunity to start a action to build i.e. static pages via a trigger and a build publish pipeline.

Hope this makes sense?