Markdown template in the "name" field of generated documents (automation)

Hello guys,

please check this issue:
I’m using an automation rule which creates a document with a name of the entity it is linked to. The markdown template is not working for the document name field. :frowning:
For the description field it is working fine.

Can you fix this? Thanks!

Here is the block with the linked documents:

Update: this script works for me, but how can I use the name field of the entity?

<% NAME("Full Read: " + Entity.Id) %>

You can get any fields you need using standard script functions, e.g. getEntityById

An example how to get the name field of the entity by the getEntity.ById function would be helpful. I have zero knowledge in scripting. :frowning:

Any references where I can read and learn the usage of standard script functions by myself? :roll_eyes:
Check out the action button section for the available functions and their syntax.

And there’s some useful stuff here:

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