Automations: Support entity references like "[Step 1 linked item]" in markdown-template Actions

Unlike formulas, automation markdown-template Actions (e.g. “Append to Document”) do not currently support Rule-entity references like [Step 1 linked item].

Hi, Matt
Could you please share the use case you have for that request? :slight_smile:



@Polina_Zenevich we can save a lot of automations if we can have this feature.

Since we’ve created tons of templates for

  • Templates for tasks (normal tasks, recurring tasks)
  • Templates for specific projects (we have 3 different databases for normal projects, client projects and marketing projects)
  • Templates for the description field (standard outline for a note, meeting, blog post, sales call etc.)

In the current situation when we trigger a template we can’t

  • Create the entity
  • Set the field values (assignee for example)
  • And add the description (from the template into the entity)

In 1 automation.

Because you can’t use the Step 1 Linked entity (= template) in the description/markdown.

Instead we have a workaround

  • Automation 1: When a template is triggered, then create the entity + link the template
  • Automation 2: When a template is linked to an entity, then also fill the description from that template and unlink that entity.

We’ve learned this workaround from @Chr1sG.

I can imagine that every user that works with templates needs two automations since we can’t use Step 1 Linked Template Description :slight_smile:

Maybe Chris knows how many users work like this?