CHANGELOG: April 14 / Duplicate entity, Audit Log for all users, Convert entity improvements

Duplicate entity

Now you can duplicate any entity in Fibery. Just find Duplicate action in … menu in Entity View or on a card:

Note: Entity duplication doesn’t duplicate inner Collections and References. For example, if you have a project with 100 tasks and duplicate this project, a new project with 0 tasks will be created.

Audit Log is accessible by all users

In previous releases Audit Log was visible for Admins only, now any user has access to the Audit Log. It takes into consideration access permissions so only accessible entities changes will be visible here.

Entity Convert Improvements

  • A comment with a reference to the original entity is inserted into a new entity.
  • If there is one rich text field in both Types, copy rich text value from the original entity to the new entity disregarding the name of the rich edit field.
  • Audit Log shows the user who did the conversion now

Interesting, thanks for adding that. Played around with it a little and the comment reference on the new results in a reference showing up on the original entity, which is nice. This might be the extent of my knowledge. I know you can reference the entities References via formula. Trying to think of a way to use this to identify all open entities that were converted to another type, where the converted type now has a state of “Done” or something like that. In other words, having the reference is a great quick solution so at least there is a reference, but I’m curious if there is any way to clean up dangling entities that were converted.

One thing I just realized is that a future improvement might be to give the user a choice if they want to keep the original or not on this dialog you already have.

One caveat that I noticed with this approach is that it requires the comments extension to be activated on the destination type. It might not be obvious that users are potentially missing out on this feature when converting it from one type to another.

Haven’t had a chance to play with this yet. I’m just a little confused about the wording. If there is 1 rich text field, I get it will work. What if there is more than one rich text field? For example, 1 on the original type, and 2 on the destination type, or vice versa? The way I’m reading this is that it wouldn’t be copied in those cases?

Yes, we are going to do that when there will be Undelete action available and Move All References action implemented.

You are right, no copy in this case

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When I tried it on an entity with the workflow extensions enabled, the state of the duplicate was not the same as the original. Perhaps this is intentional and you have decided that new entities (either manually created or born as a duplicate) should always be in the default starting state?

This is intentional indeed.

I’m not sure you will be able to implement your idea using that strategy. When using references in formulas, I don’t think there is any way of getting data from the fields of the referring entity. You can determine the Type, ID, and specific Field that the reference relates to, but otherwise not much else.

It’s almost as though ‘reference’ is a bit like a variant type, and the formula can’t ‘know’ at coding time what fields might be available.

This is something I would also like, asked about it here:

Would you be interested in all those options @rothnic?


This is a nice touch guys! Thanks for implementing so soon.

I did want to point out that this is also something I noticed, good catch @rothnic

There might be some UI implications, but I’d love to have the info that the entity was converted from another always display, perhaps somewhere else on the Entity card besides Comments, since the lack of the Comments extension in the new Entity will indeed mean you can’t see this?

And love the Toast notification that pops up and let’s you navigate right away to the new Entity, Bravo guys! Since you can convert to any other Type, without this Toast you’d be left searching around for a table with that Type to see the new Entity. Would love to see you guys continue to develop Toasts all across Fibery, I’ll reference that request here:

@Oshyan, is your need for Toasts as great as ever?


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You know it! All toasts, all the time. :smile: It’s nice to see some initial use of it now, and I do hope it is a sign of future more broad use in Fibery!

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Ok great to hear that. Yes, I was exceptionally excited to see how they implemented this…took me off guard, but so encouraging!

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