Reference Entity (link) in Email Automation

Is it possible to reference an entity in an email? Using something similar to the standard rich text mention: [[#@USER_DB_ID/USER_ENTITY_ID]]. The goal is for whoever receives the email to just click the link.

I’m guessing this is somehow possible, because the email notifications Fibery sends out link to the entity.

If this is not possible, I will submit as an idea. This would be super helpful.

In general, you can use markdown to send links in email body, e.g

My favorite search engine - [Duck Duck Go](

To include a link to an entity, you can use this syntax:
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Thanks Chris!

@Chr1sG is there a way to reference the entity that triggered the automation within the email? For example in a formula, I would be able to say [Step 1 Entity].[Public Id] - is there anyway to write that in the message?

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You can use the Public Id of the entity that triggered the automation using {{Public Id}}

This is the item - [click here]({{Public Id}}).

Thank you so much! I had some spaces in the wrong places, but it works now. Thanks for the help!!