[Solved] Link to Entity with Slack message

I’m trying to create a Slack message with the “Send Message to Channel” feature and I would like to include in the “message” a clickable link to the Fibery Entity so the user can just click then link and it will open Fibery and show the Entity in question. I haven’t been able to find in the documentation how to create that link?

Also, this would be needed for the “Send Email” action, but I’m guessing the syntax would be the same?


Try something like this in the message body:

View in Fibery: <https://your-workspace.fibery.io/YourSpaceName/YourEntityType/{{Public Id}}|{{Name}}>

You may find this link useful

Thanks, this is what I was looking for. Slack formatting I was fine with, I just couldn’t figure out how to create the URL to the entitiy. I was looking for something like {{Entity URL}} or {{Permalink}}. Knowing how to craft the URL structure with {{Public Id}} is helpful.

FYI the url with just the public id (without including the name) should also work