Generate URLs to pages


I would like to use a Zap that will share a URL to an entity on a slack channel. Can’t figure out how to do this. Any help appreciated.



Hello. At the moment url is formed like this:
For example:
. | Fibery

You can find Public Id value in trigger properties in zapier. You may just hardcode App name and Type name at the moment. Note, that if your App name contains spaces, you need to replace them with dashes: ‘Sales CRM’ → ‘Sales-CRM’.

See screenshot below as example of slack message based on Fibery Entity:

This is definitely not convenient. We will add Entity Url property to trigger properties in our zapier integration. I hope to fix this is several days and release new version of integration. But at the moment you can use workaround I’ve described above.

That’s amazing help! Thank you!