One line fix for Slack integration - pretty please!

Please could you add:

            "link_names": true, 

…to the POST body for your chat.postMessage call?
It would let us include links to other channels, which would be super useful.

Hello, Alastair.

Can you please explain your use case, how do you use it?
I might be missing something but I’ve tried creating an entity using slack integration and used a) channel name b) user name c) user group. In all cases, they appeared as a link in Slack (and quite an ugly string in Fibery).

I’m talking about the other way around - posting Slack messages from Fibery automations.

We’re using Fibery for incident management. When a new Incident entity is created we run some actions via automations:

  1. Create a new Slack channel named
    Lower(Left("incident-" + [Step 1 Incident].[Public Id] + "-" + ReplaceRegex([Step 1 Incident].Name,"[^A-Za-z0-9-]","-"),80))
  2. Use the Slack “Send Message to Channel” action to post a message to the existing master #incidents channel, where we want to provide a link to the new channel.

But when we include this as the above e.g. #incidents-1234-foo string, it doesn’t get linked. The strings definitely match the channel name.

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Thank you for the explanation. This makes total sense.



Thanks for fixing this. Tested and working brilliantly. :muscle: