CHANGELOG: Feb 24 / Some small improvements, 28 Fixed Bugs

Nothing major today. We are focusing on Blocks, Permissions and other areas.

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Panel Navigation: List View remains visible and panel opens on the right now

  • Automations: enable-disable rule save immediately on toggle
  • Automations: change Save Rule and Run Now UI
  • Permissions: Allow only those who can edit an Entity to share it outside Fibery (Contributors+, Editors, Creators)

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • :snail: Duplicated notification if mention comment author in reply or assigned user in the inline comment
  • Double notification is sent to an assignee if he was mentioned inside heading in the comment
  • Do not send 2 notifications on mention in comment
  • Rich Edit: Mentions are inserted in unexpected place in a doc in some case
  • Rich Edit: an image isn’t inserted if its extension is in UPPERCASE (.PNG)
  • Rich Edit: JS error in attempt to delete table
  • Permissions: Change message for non-admins when click on Peoples space if there are no views created
  • Permissions: Member without access to any Space have access to Audit Log
  • Permissions: Creator is not able to delete report after creation
  • Automations: Rule doesn’t run sometimes when changing field from trigger on board
  • Automations: Entities are created via actions in random order
  • Automation: Formula “[Step 1 Story].Tasks.Filter(Name == [Step 1 Story].[Name])” does not work
  • Automations: Missing permissions error message for non-admin user when he tries to enable/disable rule
  • Automations: Rule for update fails on entity delete.
  • Automations: Error about self update failure
  • Table View: Wrong value is inserted on copy-paste percent value in table
  • NaN in the number field
  • Filter: Error on view after switching between ‘contain any of’ → ‘is empty’ → ‘does not contain’ filter conditions
  • Database setup: Make Rich-text, Comments & Files columns wider by default
  • Database setup: wrong pop-up and js error when adding new field and press Cancel
  • Whiteboard: Gaps in the shape fill if thick borders are selected
  • Whiteboard: It’s impossible to edit already added objects on whiteboard
  • Import: CSV Import suggested types has Email and URL twice
  • ‘Cannot update’ error for single-select field
  • It’s impossible to open Notifications popup from User Profile
  • Feed View: Settings pop-up looks weird
  • Mobile: It’s impossible to close Notifications/Search popup
  • Entity View: Changes do not get saved in fields if there is a validation error for email

Thank you so much for this side panel in list view. It’s huge for us!!!

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We will bring it to other Views soon: Table, Timeline, Board as well.


The fact that you can now save your rules & automations and keep working is a really small but great change. Thanks Fibery team :hugs:

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The tech debt catchup continues! Love it. :raised_hands:

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