Sep 28, 2023 / 🦐 20+ fixed bugs and some improvements

:face_holding_back_tears: Watch notification improvements and changes

  • Now you can receive Watch notifications in Slack as well (we postponed Email implementation, since not so many people use Email notifications in general)
  • Two major sources of spam removed:
    • No more auto-watch when you create entity
    • No notifications from automatic Rules for watched entities.

We are going to implement Notification Settings in nearest future and every user will be able to enable/disable some rules.

:billed_cap: Introduce selected state for cards across Fibery

Card styles were not very consistent in Fibery:


Fibery visual style has been all over the place, so we have revamped and unified styles for cards across Views:


Now it should be clear from a glance which card is open, which ones are selected, and which one is done.

:space_invader: Create Views via AI improvements

  • In previous version it was possible to create Views for databases inside current Space only, now there is no such limitation and AI can select databases from any Space.
  • Now you can create Views in My Space area, it means you can experiment more

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

This release contains many bug fixes. Enjoy!


  • I don’t want to receive notifications about my own actions (“assign to me” Button)
  • UserId instead of username in notifications if mention was copy-pasted
  • When email is sent out and the comment and/or title contains HTML tags, the email is empty
  • Assignees are needlessly notified when an Entity is converted
  • ‘Convert to’ action is failed for documents from My space AND with nested docs / whiteboards
  • ‘Entity was deleted’ instead of document name in Activity log when reference to doc is added

Grid View

  • Can’t create entity on context grid view while I can do that on other context views with same configuration
  • Issues with column contained context-filter value when context is disabled

Rich Text and Documents:

  • Values are not displayed in units when entity mention is used in headers
  • When copy-pasting a header with a colon, it’s converted into a hyperlink

Single/Multi-select Fields

  • When adding a select option, a new line doesn’t appear automatically
  • Creating Select / Multi / Select / Workflow for other Select / Multi select / Workflow fails
  • ‘No Permissions’ error when creator tries to create new State if the view is placed in the Space where user is Creator


  • Weird error message when user renames State in My space
  • AI Formulas: Fix troubles with User formulas
  • Non-creator can see db config when clicking on space name, if smart folder is highest in space
  • User see error when try to open document in history
  • Clicking on the link get me to the unfiltered smart folder view
  • Broken formula in Watch and Notify users after importing template
  • Styles are broken in dropdown menus when editing fields
  • New State button doesn’t return to its original state on unfocus when try to create state on the board

A nice bag of bug fixes is always great! Thanks!

Very happy that the hyperlink conversion of pasting in documents is fixed! :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks a lot :ok_hand: