CHANGELOG: July 15 / Better performance, Automatically set values from filters in newly created entities

Performance Improvements

Fibery should become faster today. Here’s what happened last week:

  • We’ve migrated to new servers with better hard drives and more space
  • Some UI improvements: units selection was slow, etc.
  • Fibery core performance was improved on a server side
  • Cache for Auth service was tuned and re-configured to reduce load

Automatically set values from Filters in newly created entities

Fibery creates entities on filtered Views more clever now. For example, if you have a filter for specific release and assignments, Fibery will set these fields automatically:

It works for many cases, like Effort = 5, Due Date is Today, Release contains 2.0, etc.

Navigate to a specific rich-text comment from a notification

When you receive a notification with a comment, you will be redirected exactly to the comment.

You can also copy link to exact comment and send it to your teammates:

:shrimp: Bug fixes

  • Table View: Unexpected jumps when I try to edit single select and horizontal/vertical scroll is here
  • Table View: When I selected value in single select I can’t press ESC to loose focus and navigate to next cell
  • External links in comments should open in a new tab by default
  • Import: Permissions doesn’t work as expected for imported Types
  • “String value is not Decimal” in entity view, when enter incorrect value
  • User view fails in some cases for non admin users
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The “copy link to exact comment” is AMAZING! That will make a lot of things way easier! Each passing day my grip on “who fucking awesome bi-directional linking is” is growing!!!
Good work!

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By the way wanted to mention that I was very happy to see this:

I was going actually going to request that Lookups go “down” in the hierarchy, but you beat me to it by announcing you guys are already on it, terrific news!