Better ways for User Input and validation when creating entities. Button and User Input / Internal Forms

I know form view isn’t on the priority at the moment, but there is a lack of functionality when it comes to user input right now. I thought I could work around the lack of formulas, and relational filters within internal forms with Ask for User Input in buttons. But I just realised that this does not have the ability for Rich Text Input. I can not append description if I am adding a entity from a different database than the one which the button is in.

In general streamlining the way in which we use forms/user inputs to create entities is needed to ensure fully filled entities when created by users, and non-garbage data to be filled in by less-techsavy users.

Compiling different ideas for improvement here:

This isn’t a single idea or feature, but more of compiling different ideas which could help solve the current problem of lack of functionality when it comes validating user inputs. Dynamic filtering is a great starting point for this.