Allow user to specify content of Rich Text field when creating a new entity via Button

In the case of a Button that creates an entity, it would be quite useful if we could “allow the user to specify the value” for Rich Text fields, like Description.

Bonus points if the Button can create “default content” via Markdown, and let the user customize it.

I really like this idea and feel it would really help with quick capture of ideas, particularly if you are able to use markdown templates to generate prompts, etc…

I think generally, fibery doesn’t really offer a lot of options around an entity’s creation, which I find quite disruptive from a cognitive perspective as I have to choose between losing my train of thought or coming back to something later (and again risk losing context). I see this request as being linked very closely to our other discussion around Ask user input for rules as wells as having ability to display and set more field inline in rich text fields/docs.

I would vote for this but I’ve been demoted :frowning: But you have my vote!

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