Mentioning entities in rich text

any way to count checkbox in rich text ?
I got periodic entity for each day and in rich text i got a lot of checkbox to checking some several habits
Ex: 2023-Sep 06 Entity
Habit 1: Running 5km pace 5.0
Habit 2: Reading 30 pages book…

So with this count checkbox in rich text, at the end of each week i can summary how many times this habit have been done ?

If it were possible to count them, what/when would trigger the count, and where would the result be stored?

do we have way can set template with button
Ex: Button with embed existed habits entities
[[Habit 1: Running]]
[[Habit 2: Reading]]

then we can you formula field to reference count, can we implement like that ? @Chr1sG

Sorry, I don’t quite understand what you’re suggesting.

It is possible to use a button automation to populate the contents of a rich text field. Is that what you mean?

I mean can we embed a specific existed entities to button ?

See here:

It covers basically the same thing, except entity mentions use [[#^ instead of [[#@

Just testing, dont know what i’m missing

Here’s entity ID: 2cb29a60-4d57-11ee-bc0a-01c302431e36

Button setup

and the results, dont know why it’s not display in here

ah also, where can we find database ID ? I researched and just found entity ID only

You would need to use scripting/API to query the schema (or you can examine the browser’s network calls, when viewing the DB config page)

I’ve following some guidences from Markdown document, but seem nothing happen when I’m using button for this script to get Database ID

You seem to have a script that gets the db ID, but you’re not doing anything with it (!)
You may want to output it to the browser console, e.g. console.log(dbID) to see if it looks reasonable, and then you can use it in your markdown template.