AI in Rich Text - Create new entities from the selected text

I’d like to be able to use AI Actions in Rich Text to create and link new entities, using the currently selected text as the input.

I tried to do this, and it doesn’t seem to be supported (I just get a text response from the AI).

Use case: While taking Meeting Notes (in a Rich Text), I want to write a terse new-task description, including some or all of:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Due Date
  • Assignee

Then I want to select my terse description and execute an AI action to create a new Task entity from it.

Here’s an example of the AI action I’d like to write to accomplish this:

Create a new Projects/Tasks entity using the input specified below.
If the input mentions only one User, assign the new task to them.
If the input mentions multiple Users, decide which User is the assignee, and assign the new task to them.
If the new task has an Assignee, get the user’s “Default Task Type” and use it to set the new Task’s “Type” field.
If the input references only one date, use that date to set the “Due Date” field of the new task.
If the input references multiple dates, decide which date to use as the “Due Date” field of the new task.
Use the first sentence (or line) of the input as the new Task’s Title.
Use the remainder of the input (excluding Assignee and Due Date) as the new Task’s Description.
Copy this entity’s “Default Project” field to the new Task’s Project field.
After the new Task has been created, replace the source input selected text with an inline link to the new Task.
Here is the input:

  • This would need to happen in the background so it doesn’t prevent the user from continuing to edit the Rich Text.

  • Really this needs an UI like the Formula editor, so that we can lookup and insert references to DBs and Fields instead of using their literal names.

Related Ideas:

  • allow a Rich Text AI action to execute an existing Button automation, feeding it the selected text as an input.

So far Fibery AI can’t create entities. We have this in plans.