February 23, 2023 / 🦊 Fibery AI Assistant in Text and in Automations (experimental)

Today’s release has a single experimental theme: Fibery AI Assistant. We tested it internally for some cases, but now need your input to discover more useful cases and improve it based on your feedback.

What we tried with some success:

  • Summarize Intercom chats
  • Calculate sentiment score for Intercom chats
  • Write drafts of features announcements
  • Generate a list of test cases for a feature
  • Have fun with text transformations (without real usefulness)
  • Extract data from rich edit field, like extract all tasks marked via checkboxes
  • Generate sample data
  • Translate some conversations (that are not in English) to English

2023-02-23 14.50.01

How to enable Fibery AI Assistant?

There are the steps:

  1. Enable it in Experimental Features (top left menu)
  2. Register your Open AI token and set it in Workspace Settings
  3. Then you will find Fibery AI Assistant in all documents, rich edit fields, and automations.
  4. Read the user guides or watch the videos below

How to use Fibery AI Assistant in text?

Check this user guide about Fibery AI Assistant in docs and entities.

Here is an overview video:

How to use Fibery AI Assistant in automations?

Check Fibery AI in automation user guide and watch the video to discover some use cases:

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Pop-up is in wrong place when ‘add new’ icon clicked and then ‘…’ menu
  • Tooltips behaviour seems to be changed, now they appear when should not
  • website: no error message if user attempts to login to specific account but actually is disabled there
  • Invalid Query error
  • Integrations: error on changing single drop-down to workflow fields in integration
  • Lack of icon for Integration Notifications

Awesome. Will try automation very soon :slight_smile: Here is some feedback based on my usage today:
0. First when it works it makes me jump on a chair - it’s so exciting and amazing how many opportunities open with it. Thank you for prioritising that.

  1. New panel view is confusing on mobile. At first I think that AI assistance is completely broken.
  2. Would be great if i can reorder commands. A lot of sample commands pushed my commands all the way down.

Thanks! I had great fun playing with it, but it is much harder to find really useful cases :slight_smile:

We’ll have another experience for mobile and small devices, like a popover, not a panel

Yeah, commands management is super basic so far, we will add this eventually.

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Wow! I’m actually really impressed with this “experimental” version. It’s much more full-featured that I expected and already IMO leap-frogs many other implementations that have come before you. Now I just need to think of how best to use it! :smile: Btw I particularly love the private vs. shared commands option. Having that in place already makes it feel much safer to play with. :rocket:


I really like that we have some control on the temperature to play around to find the best use cases. This version already looks very good!

One suggestion is that in Notion AI, after generating a response, you have the option to “continue writing” and “make longer”. Something like this:


I know that we can insert the text and make another command to do the same thing, but adding these options could make these frequent usages more streamlined.

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Sure we can add more actions like this. Notice that we decided to use full panel for AI Assistant instead of popover in the first version, since eventually we will move to a chat-like interface. More actions are easy to add, we will collect what actions people really need.


Yes, I like your implementation better. I can imagine after ChatGTP API is released, it will be more helpful to have this kind of interface.