March 3, 2023 / 🪺 Nested Documents (experimental), AI Assistant next steps

One more experimental release this week. Now you can create nested/hierarchical documents in any space (and in My Space as well).

To try Nested Documents, enable them in top left menuExperimental Features.

Why Nested Documents?

Fibery is a powerful tool, but many users struggle with understanding how to have Wiki in Fibery. This is because they are used to working with nested pages in tools like Notion and Confluence. With nested documents we’ll eliminate this gap.

Here are some use cases that we are going to support:

  • Import from Notion and Confluence will be possible to implement.
  • In some cases you just don’t want to think what kind of entity to create, so Document is a good start and then you may convert a Document to some entity.
  • You may use this feature in My Space to create a hierarchical ToDo document with as many levels as you wish.

How to create a nested document?

There are two ways to do it (so far):

  1. Click + button in left menu near the document
  2. Type # in a document and create a new document from here

2023-03-03 15.04.29

Next features for nested documents

  • Create nested documents via /Document command
  • Convert document to Entity
  • Show a list of nested documents in a parent document
  • Show a list of all back-references (as we have in entity view now)

If you need something else to fully enjoy this feature, let us know!

Filter search results → Documents

As a side effect, you can also filter search and find Documents faster.

AI Assistant update

Last week we’ve released AI Assistant in experimental mode.

Today we moved it to new ChatGPT API which is 10x cheaper.

NOTE: Some prompts might not work as before because ChatGPT is somewhat different, but all default commands work same way, so if you see weird behavior for your own prompts know whom to blame.

You can also set the model for the command (just click the emoji, but we will re-design it later).

AI Assistant next step

Now we are working on chat-like experience for AI Assistant in Fibery, so it will be easier to chain commands and get what you want from it.



Will chat assistant be able to create fibery entities in the next release?


Will be possible, and hopefully will be done soon? :grin: This is definitely a major blocker for me and many other teams, given Notion’s prevalence.

Honestly this is about as important and valuable as nested docs :smile:

Nope. BTW, what use cases you imagine for it?

In fact this was the reason why we prioritized nested docs :slight_smile: So I hope we will add it into migration this or next month

  1. Create Task with Project: Test Project → Would create a task automatically linked to a project “Test Project”
  2. Modeling relationships with text:
    Task - State, has many Assignees(People), has many Tags
    Would create:
    Task - Id, Name, Description(those are defaults), State, Relationship to People via Assignees, Relationship to Tags
    Tag - Id, Name, Description

This is something we are working on right now :wink: Check it out

2023-03-08 17.31.08


This is game-changer :star_struck:

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