AI Workspace Data Expert Assistant: what useful or surprising answers you got?

We’ve released “AI Workspace Data Expert Assistant” chatbot where you can ask questions about your Fibery data.

It is experimental, so you can enable it in Settings → Experimental Lab.

This post is to share your questions and answers. Do share anything useful, unexpected, interesting, or completely broken.

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This is unexpected, especially system part :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we always get the same message

Is there a way to select the databases that the AI searches in?

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It seems you have quite large databases schema. We are thinking how to make it work for such cases. Thank you for the feedback!


Here is my feedback:

Overall: the most promising evolution next to Highlights.

The AI Workspace Data Expert is a great improvement, and offers instant mini-research results on fibery workspace data. I would fully put the development power on that, and make it work well together with other Key features like Highlights.
There are many things to discuss and ideate around this, but all of them are and will likely be depending on one feature that is not in place:

The need to have AI answers as entities.

Because my primary need is to connect information, I miss that the output of the AI Assistant and the AI Workspace Data Expert cannot be saved as entities automatically. It requires manual copy pasting.
Why? Because most of the time the output needs to be further processed, combined, evaluated, worked with, either through automations or other processes.
For example, storing the output as reference, being able to highlight and relate to other content.
I treat AI input as similar to user input or meeting input. There is no logical reason why to treat it differently from a procedural perspective.

The need to have AI Agent entities.

Workspace Data Expert Assistants are merely ‘an AI capability’.
Next logical develpment step is to allow Fibery AI Agents to have similar funtionality as users, but without the same user accounts (however, with AI agent accounts). Agents can be assigned to tasks, meetings, and engage in discussions.

I also am unable to get a single response, all result in for example:

400 This model’s maximum context length is 16385 tokens. However, your messages resulted in 98413 tokens. Please reduce the length of the messages.

Unfortunately in your case there is no chance it will work. Your schema is way too large for any AI assistant. Maybe we will add more narrow context, like per-Space, and then it will have a chance

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Thats a good idea I think, because specific information is often part of one or two spaces. I think a selection of spaces would be good since an organizational process and thus data often is spread over more than one space.