🔥 May 30, 2024 / Fibery 2.0 with Highlights and Fibery AI

What is Fibery 2.0 for a current customer? In short, all existing functionality is intact, nothing is removed, some things are added. With Fibery 2.0 we are introducing two major areas: Highlights and Fibery AI.

:flashlight: Highlights

Fibery is about connecting information, and Highlights is a novel way to connect text to structured databases. Let me use an analogy to explain what Highlight is.

Most likely you have a Kindle and maybe sometimes you select interesting parts of the book you read. This selection is a Highlight. Now imagine you can add some attributes to this selection (how important it is, for example). Finally, you can connect this selection to your knowledge base, like to some tag, or to some idea you have in mind, or to some article you want to write.

We invented a way to capture information from rich text field in a Source entity and connect it to a Target entity via multi-relations. Highlight is a database, so you can augment it with additional information, like severity or urgency, create formulas and automations for Highlights, find highlights via Search, create Views with highlights, create Reports with Highlights, see Highlights on a Whiteboard.

We ourselves just started to scratch the surface of this powerful connectivity tool.

Here are some use cases we have in mind, and we believe you will invent more:

  • Product feedback management. Capture facts from Intercom chats, customer calls, and connect them to product features or areas.
  • User research. Capture observations from user interviews, and connect them to insights or problems.
  • Market research. Capture information about market from web posts, newsletters, and connect it to niches, opportunities, etc.

Check this video to see product feedback management use case powered by Highlights. It is a product manager’s dream.

:yellow_circle: It is not possible to utilize both Link-to-entity and Highlights functionality in the same workspace, so you need to decide if you want to migrate to Highlights. The upgrade option is available on all plans and is completely free. Upgrading to Highlights is not mandatory for existing workspaces, though please note that all the new workspaces have only the Highlights option.

:brain: Fibery AI: next iteration

We introduced Fibery AI last year and listened to your feedback. We are releasing the next iteration of Fibery AI. Now it can do more things:

  • Transcribe audio and video files
  • Suggest Highlights in sources and target entities
  • Answer questions about your Fibery data (very experimental)
  • Find patterns and clusters in your Fibery data (soon)

We no longer ask you for Open AI Key. Fibery AI Free is enabled by default, and Fibery AI Pro costs $10 per user per month. Check Fibery AI Pricing page.

:red_circle: The current version of Fibery AI with Open AI Key will be discontinued on August 1st. All such accounts will get Fibery AI Free by default.

Transcribe audio and video

Now you can transcribe audio or video files and insert the transcriptions directly into the rich text field. This eliminates the need to manually create transcripts elsewhere and simplifies the process of highlighting important sections within Fibery.

2024-05-30 11.51.15

Suggest Highlights in sources and target entities

If you use Highlights, there are two ways to capture Highlights via AI.

You can do it in any Target entity. For example, you can go to any Feature and click Suggest Highlights button in the top right corner. With luck, Fibery will show some suggestions from Sources. Review them and use Link button to create new Highlights.

Alternatively, you can open an Source entity and try to find some good Targets. For example, you can go to an Interview, click Suggest Highlights and see a list of suggested Highlights on the right. There can be several potential Targets, so you can click the best match on your opinion and a new Highlight will be created.

AI Workspace Data Expert Assistant: ask questions about your Fibery data (experimental)

We are working on a chatbot that knows all your Fibery databases and can answer questions around databases and text. This is a hard task, but now we feel we can share the prototype with you so you can try it and provide us feedback.

:sweat_smile: This feature is very experimental, you can enable it in Settings → Experimental Lab.

What questions you can ask? Here are some examples for your inspiration (we did try these questions on our data):

  • How many Planned features do we have?
  • Do we have any feedback about Time tracking?
  • What is the total estimated effort of Planned features?
  • Are there any common patterns in the 3 last interviews?
  • Compare MRR growth this year and last year
  • Generate a report with all fixed bugs this week. Briefly explain what was fixed.
  • Describe recently added features

2024-05-30 10.43.54

Try to ask questions around your Fibery data and share wow :heart_eyes: and wtf :poop: results!

Whiteboard: Simplest Auto Layouts for connected cards

Now you can apply horizontal or vertical layout for hierarchical or connected cards on Whiteboard. Just select cards and select the layout from the menu. For example, you can create organizational chart this way.

2024-05-30 11.37.20

We will add more layouts in near future, like star layout, etc.

Reports: Multiple color palettes

Now you can select and set as default color palettes for reports. Click on any color and select a palette from the list. You can’t create custom palettes yet, let us know if you really need it.

2024-05-30 11.43.47

List & Table View: Group by lookups and formulas (if they produce a relation)

Now you can group Lists and Tables by lookup or formula field, if the result of the lookup of formula is a relation. For example, Highlight has a formula that links Workspace state to Highlight, and we can group Highlights by this formula now.


  • Restore Space: if the Space name has been taken since deletion, we restore the Space by adding a suffix like 1 to its name instead of failing.
  • Group permissions: instead of showing an error at the last moment, we clearly indicate if you need to upgrade to Pro to share with Groups.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Whiteboard: It’s impossible to apply When filter in search popup on Whiteboard
  • Table/List View: Linked entities display in the list without group if parent Grouped was filtered out
  • Top-level Smart Folders are collapsed by default
  • Blank value instead of account name sometimes appears in integration ‘connect account’ screen
  • Missing comments in panel when ‘Comment’ field is hidden in main entity section
  • Cannot reorder context Documents on Entity View
  • Change ‘Move…’ field action names

:frog: Any pricing changes?

All current plans remain the same and the price stays the same. What changed then?

  • Fibery AI was introduced as a separate add-on.
  • Some permissions-related features are moved to the Pro plan, like Custom access templates. In the future, more permissions features will be a part of the Pro plan as well.
  • We’re introducing an Enterprise plan for large companies to enjoy closer collaboration with us.


And if you’re curious how you could use all these new stuff in your product processes, join our upcoming webinar, where @mdubakov himself will explain how Highlights change the way you can collect product feedback, prioritize, and make decisions. And use AI where it really matters. :slight_smile:

Fibery 2.0 introduces: Life after RICE


This is an awesome update for all product teams, I think it’s a game changer in the space!

Quick question about references to highlight switch. According to the guide “it is not possible to utilise both Link-to-entity and Highlights functionality” and “the Link-to-Entity feature will no longer be available and will be replaced by the Highlights feature”. From the guide I am not sure what happens to creating a reference by linking using # or [[?

If I enable highlights, and write somewhere “#example-entity some text”, will “some text” be shown on #example-entity automatically with a bi-directional reference?

I think inline bidrectional links (aka without needing to click or search, just typing the entity name) is very handy for fast notes, but I am not sure if this also goes away with highlights.


Is it available for embed iframe from fibery extension? I mean can we transcribe an embed youtube link ?


There is a distinction between what we tend to call ‘mentions’ which is what you create with #write_something (or [[ something) and ‘link-to-entity’ which you create by highlighting text and choosing the link to entity option.

The former is unchanged if you upgrade, but the latter functionality is replaced with ‘highlights’.

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Ok, and I assume mentions still create a reference on the mentioned entity?

Ok, and I assume mentions still create a reference on the mentioned entity?

This is correct.

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awesome, I think this also makes two distinct cases for when using one or the other (which wans’t that clear before).

Not yet, but this is a nice idea. So far only uploaded files and videos work.


Aaaah super exciting new stuff!! Its crazy how much there is to this update, even though there were still updates every week. We were told to keep expectations low, just so that we’ll be blown away! Even some stuff that I feel was just glossed over: Display as > Compact List for to-many relationships + the ability to move them to the right/top!

I found some bugs / weird behaviour + some thoughts.

  1. When creating highlights, there is the option for AI Search even if it is not indexed yet, resulting in always “Nothing Found”
  2. For some reason I don’t have the option to create fields within the highlights setup. I can add buttons, rules, and relations, but no fields. But when opening a highlight entity, I can add fields there. Then go back to settings and pin them.
  3. When in the highlight feed of an entity and we click on a the highlight, we are not brought to the entity it is highlighting to, but the actual highlight entity. This is unexpected behaviour for most, and could get people confused. I’m not sure if this is intended behaviour or not, but I don’t think its needed as all the relevant fields for users to fill will be pinned. I have a suggestion for a fix below.
  4. When opening the highlighting entity, it does not scroll to the highlighted area. I think this is quite important, but I also assume this is already on the roadmap.


  1. I love how this feature is built on the fibery arcitecture, and the actual highlights database is visible to the user. Makes it feel coherent and not just an extra feature. (Wondering if this database/space can be exposed to the admin, or just the curious admin who navigates via url)
  2. Essentially, highlights are just a 1-to-1 relationship table with extra fields. (The Rich Text part makes it a bit more complicated but bare with me)…
    What if we could allow users to set up their own 1-to-1 relationship database and set them as linking tables. This would essentially allow for a single relation field to be linking to multiple databases. This is possible to do manually but requires an extra click when opening, (through the linking table) and doesn’t have any visual indicators. (Another solution could be done on the view level, where you could specify what opens on click, open actual entity or open the entity which is linked to this one)

Note: I see this is already the case for Target field in the Highlights database, and am very curious as to what’s going on under the hood and if there are plans to allow users to make those types of relationship databases.


Can I have more use case or examples for this, especially automations

Exactly! You are thinking the way we are thinking :dancing_men:

We took the longer route of properly supporting multi-relations under the Fibery’s hood instead of making a shortcut just for Highlights because we know numerous other use cases exist. At some point, we are looking to allow you to create custom multi-relations between any DBs.

@RonMakesSystems what would be the first multi-DB relations you’d create having this power?

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That’s amazing to hear. Curious to see how this will be implemented. Currently we have a “Source document” database for our finances which is just. link to “Invoice”, “Receipt” and “Reimbursement” database. This way each transactions have one “Source Document” rather than a different column for each thing. So that would be the first thing we’d update. :))


It depends on your use cases, we use Highlights for feedback processing. This video demonstrate formula usage for custom scoring system

If you have some problems you want to solve via Highlight, please share them and we will think how to do it.

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I agree that this can be misleading, but it works like other places in Fibery. When you click on “New Fields” under the Relations section, the list will show all the field options.

Could you share how it looks on your side, please?
I expect the following behavior:

screen 20240530-160942

At this stage, we would like to explore how this could be useful for the Feedback Management use case and learn more before proceeding further. We have numerous ideas, such as automatic configuration or having multiple highlight databases, but we would like to gather more information first. I believe this feature will get more and more visibility in the future.
Thank you for the feedback.

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Yup! Okay I see. I thought it was a button just to add new relations. My bad!

This is when I access from the Highlighted entity. Not sure which table you are on…

Amazing! Happy to hear that :))

This is awesome stuff! Excited to try it out! Quick question though–

From the linked Highlights migration guide, we have this line:
“Highlights can, therefore, not be used to link to/from Documents or Views”

Meaning that, within a Document, you won’t be able to add a highlight to an existing Entity?

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