June 6, 2024 / Text table shortcuts, longer history, new Whiteboard colors 🥈

Last week we launched Fibery 2.0, and this week we got 2nd place on ProductHunt. Thank you so much for the support! 2nd place is what we aimed for since we are humble :2nd_place_medal:.

If you’ve missed a chance to support us, there is still time to write an honest review in G2. Anyway, let’s stop celebrating and get back to work. Today we have a new release with some quality of life improvements.

Create new rows and columns in text tables (fast)


You can now quickly add new rows and columns in rich-text tables using a mouse or a keyboard.

We hope you’ll find the keyboard shortcuts intuitive:

  • Add row after: Ctrl + Option + ↓
  • Add row before: Ctrl + Option + ↑
  • Add column after: Ctrl + Option + →
  • Add column before: Ctrl + Option + ←

Option on Mac = Alt on Windows

Go try them out today and experience the difference!

See older Entity history via infinite scroll (Pro)


Previously, we used to show only the N most recent events in Entity history without even hinting that there are more :man_facepalming:. Now you can go closer to the Big Bang times via infinite scroll.

Also, we have been stating for years that history is limited to 90 days on the Standard plan but never actually enforced it…till today. Now you’ll get a nudge to upgrade to Pro when trying to access older events in Entity history, activity log, trash, or document version history.

Customize how Field is displayed on Entity View

We’ve recently introduced Display as option in the Field’s context menu. Now you have another way of customizing Fields’ appearance — via Manage Fields & Layout menu in the top-right corner. If a Field has customization options, it’ll have an > arrow next to it.

Coming next: same functionality for other Views + more customization options.

New colors on Whiteboard

We’ve revamped the default color palettes for tools and sticky notes for a fresher look and better readability.

:butterfly: One-liner improvements

  • Browser extension
    • saves the URL of a page you capture to the first URL Field of the target Database if it finds one;
    • saves the page content into the first rich-text Field it finds in the target Database, not necessarily named Description.
  • Sidebar: when a section, Folder, Smart Folder, or Space is empty, we explain the empty state instead of ignoring your attempts to expand it.
  • Table and List Views: select many-to-many self-relations (aka recursive levels).

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • Panel gets unresponsive if try to resize column via dbl-click
  • Whiteboard: breaks when lose websocket connection
  • It’s impossible to edit field on User if it was setup as extension (assignees) on target type
  • Japanese transcription has spaces after each character
  • Group by Target and Source doesn’t work in the list of highlights
  • Wrong groups enlisted when ‘Hide empty groups’ option is on and user selects another relation of the same database in setup
  • User can save a Formula without having read access to all the participating Databases

:broom: Housekeeping

We forgot to enforce Pro plan for custom access templates once they graduated from beta :man_facepalming:. We hope you’ve enjoyed the extended trial as it’s coming to an end next week.

We also hope that the value you get from propagating access through an arbitrary hierarchy is enough to consider upgrading to the Pro plan (if you haven’t yet). If you stay on the Standard plan, the existing shares will continue to work and no one will lose access — you just won’t be able to share more Entities with more people using custom access templates.


Meme is actually hilarious :joy:
Congrats on PH placement!

Awesome updates. Love the chrome extension enhancements.


:scream_cat::heart_eyes_cat::scream_cat::heart_eyes_cat::scream_cat::heart_eyes_cat::scream_cat::heart_eyes_cat::scream_cat: WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO! Forget Fibery 2.0, easy table row and column adding is here!!! :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Just kidding. Kinda. :slightly_smiling_face:

Many many thanks for this!


This is an amazing and promising feature, thank you!

What I would suggest as display option, is ‘List Card’, basically the same functionality as views lists where the item are clickable like buttons, and not editable. This is very useful when the field is used only for navigation purposes. When navigating to other entities, clicking the minuscule little arrow button is not userfriendly, and often results in unintentionally opening the field editor instead of navigating.


The “Display as…” feature is chef’s kiss… Excited to see what possibilities that opens up


Great updates as always! I was expecting a week off after the amazing Fibery 2.0 release last week, but y’all are unstoppable.

One request - entity views still show the “(progress bar)” title. Other views don’t show this anymore, and with the new display options it doesn’t seem necessary.

You can see this in my screenshot below:


Thanks! It’s a bug — we’ll fix it in the next release.


wow, I dont expect this can be done soon like this, Fantastic update, thank you!

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Awesome release :star_struck::star_struck:

Will it be more option to display more views in the same Relation ?

What do you mean?

Like this: multi type of views


Here I suggest the ability to have fields displayed in columns.

So this suggestion is different from the one I posted above June 6, 2024 / Text table shortcuts, longer history, new Whiteboard colors 🥈 - #5 by Yuri_BC which suggests horizontal cards in the same field.

Both increase space efficiency and usability improvement, but for different use cases.

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Will it be more option to display more views in the same Relation ?

But it was doable right from the release of relation views

Doesn’t it work for you? Are you talking about something else?

well I know it can be toggle on off to show all the relation views for each database. But what if I have many views (Example 20 views/ 1 sample database) and I wanna always on display 3 main views only to easy switch and watch those


Fixed now. Thanks for reporting!

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