[DONE] GPT3 implementation in Fibery (share your ideas and cases)

I have used chat GPT before for helping me to create a formula in Fibery. Only thing is, GPT is extracting information from the internet. Because there are so many format differences in formula’s, most of the time GPT is suggesting a wrong setup, using elements in a formula which aren’t available in Fibery.

Would be amazing if there’s a way to tell GPT what formula we would like to create in Fibery, explain a bit of context and that GPT will help to create a formula. Especially with the harder formula’s.

P.s. the other way around, GPT is working great. If you have a formula and want to know how this formula is setup and what is does, put the formula in GPT and it will explain every part of it.


Intercom Chat Summarisation via Action Button works fine. Note that it can be done via Automation rule as well.

2023-02-20 21.56.49

However, it can’t handle chats with 3000+ words so far…


One more use case:
See how you can use Fibery AI in automations to fetch data from internet and transform it into structured data.


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Fibery AI Assistant experimental release is there


Great! Going to play with it soon :smiley:

Another idea for implementation of AI is another type of button you get when you select text.

The input of the button would be the text you selected, or on the block once that’s fully out. This allows you to create custom functions, kind of like how Notion seem to have it built in, but you can make your own actions.

Imagine you select text in Rich Text editor, and you have a “Button” dropdown in the hovering belt. You open this and find your custom buttons you created for Rich Text (the buttons doesn’t have to be limited to AI use either).

How it is different from what we already released in experimental AI Assistant feature?

I didn’t see the released feature in action before posting, so it’s pretty much similar :slight_smile:
Would be nice to have buttons be possible same way, but that’s a separate topic!

ChatGPT API is out: Introducing ChatGPT and Whisper APIs

Yeah, we already started migration to it :slight_smile:

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Got this email from OpenAI

So after migration the Fibery in data will not be used outside Fibery, correct? :grin:


What do you mean by “after migration”?


That was regarding this post. It wasn’t clear for me if the first set-up did or did not shared data for model training. But if I understand the email of Open AI correctly this isn’t the case. Correct? :smile:

We already migrated to ChatGPT API so this agreement is already in place. BTW, this is also applicable for other models as I understand.

It probably means that you can be more confident that if you use data in your AI request, this data will not leak out and be available to other people using OpenAI.
Kinda answers this question.


Yes! Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is how we are going to change Fibery AI Assistant to chat-like experience. Any feedback is welcome!


Side question: Is that a callout block I see? :slight_smile: