Fibery AI models

I’ve been loving the AI features in Fibery, but it would be great if we could choose from different AI models?

I feel like this could really level up our AI game. Different models have different strengths, so we could pick the best one for whatever we’re working on. Plus, it’d be awesome to have options and not be locked into just one AI.

Can you unfold this request? LIke what models you have in mind and what use cases?

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I don’t have a lot of specifics to share for use-cases, but I can say I have definitely found some important differences between AI companies/models. For example Anthropic’s Claude is much better at some things like summarizing articles and other large texts vs. ChatGPT (at least with basic prompting and not spending a lot of time trying to make it do what I want). So I can’t help but wonder if having Claude available in Fibery might not give better results (I don’t know what models are currently being used; I think it’s a bit vague now that the owned-API setting is gone).