Trigger an automation from Rich Text field

I would love to be able to trigger an automation from a Rich Text field or a Document. It could be by embedding a button in the text but maybe more versatile would be the ability to trigger through a link. For instance, provide a link to the automation and you could then embed this link however you like in a Rich Text

It is possible to enable fields (including buttons) for a mentioned item, so in some ways you can already trigger automations from within rich text.

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That’s a great workaround that I had not thought about, thanks.
It could indeed work in some cases however it does not really cover the need as this setting is db-level. So if I’m writing a manual for example that says “in that case, click on this [button], in the other case, click on the [other button] it won’t work.”

Depending on what you need to achieve, you could either:
create some dummy entities that exist solely to hold the button automations you need, or
create a linked database of entities, each of which represents an automation.

What are you exactly trying to achieve with your automations?

Not sure how this would work…
In short my use case is the following: I have an entity type (let’s call it E) that represents an observation/opportunity noticed by the user. This opportunity should trigger several possible actions depending on a workflow (if A do action_A else if B do action_B else do action_C). This workflow is written in a Rich Text field of E (like a user manual of sort). At the moment, in the description, I say "if A then click on the button ‘Action_A’ ". It’s actually working so it’s really no big deal. I was just slightly frustrated to not be able to just embed the ‘action_A’ button in the manual.
As far as I understood your advice, I could create an entity of type Action_A (linked to E and whatever entities action_A is creating) just to hold the automation, meaning a whole DB for one automation. That seems a bit overkill considering how bad I need this (meaning not so much :sweat_smile:).
I will keep your advice in mind though as I’m sure it will come in handy one day…

OK, I see what you mean: the buttons already exist in the entity, available to be pressed, but putting them ‘inline’ with the instructions would reduce friction.

I think in the long-term, the number of things that are possible within rich text will increase (maybe buttons, maybe global formulas, maybe ‘transclusions’) but I don’t think they will be delivered in the short-term I’m afraid.

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