Read only means you can't trigger buttons?

Hi, I’m creating a template entity with a rich text field which I want users to copy (with button) then edit on their one. I am using entity permissions to show them, but not allow them to edit. I spent a long time figuring out the script for the copy, only to realize that they can not trigger the button…

Is there a workaround for this?


Button pressing currently falls under the ‘edit’ capability, so yes, read-only means no button press.
One workaround might be to have a to-many link to another ‘Action’ db, and then enable that buttons on any linked Actions are visible.

Hey Chris!
I don’t understand what you mean here. Can you elaborate?


Databases: Project; Action

Relations: Project 1:m Action, Action 1:m Project

Permissions: Project (Contributor); Action (Editor)

Fields: Project - Name, RichText, Assignees; Action - Name, Button (“Duplicate”)

Automations as follows:



Pressing the button does not require edit privileges on the Project, only on the Action db