Updating assignee and permissions

I’ve made a button, which when pressed should change the assignee.
I get an error:

The user (‘Other User’) who is trying to click the button only has Contributor access, which means edits are only possible when he is assigned to an entity.
I wonder if the problem might be because the action button removes the current assignee (and thus removes permissions) before trying to assign the new one, and failing.

However, I note that the user can assign to someone else manually (and remove himself):

A related bug is that, once the assignee is manually updated, the original assignee can still make some immediate edits (violating the permissions) and can continue to edit rich-text even after closing and re-opening the entity. After the second time of closing/re-opening, the permissions seem to work correctly:

Hi, Chris!
That is an unpolished part from our side - it turns out that for the buttons we cannot execute the action under the user.
The issue seems to be more complicated than we thought - it will take time to fix that, but we would definitely focus on that in terms of automations. Will text back here once that will be fixed :slight_smile:

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