Can we create new entities in Rich Text?

Is it possible to create new entities on-the-fly while typing in a Rich Text field?

For example, while typing in a “meeting notes” Rich Text, I want to create a new Task entity simply by typing “+task …”, etc.

I suppose such entities must be inline and live within the Rich Text; But it would be quite useful to be able to define a script that is triggered by the creation of these entities – to customize their field values, copy them elsewhere, link them, etc.

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You absolutely can (unless I’m misunderstanding you). You just use # followed by the name of the new entity you want to create. A search box will pop up but you can select to create a new entity, and you just need to specify what type you want to create on the right-hand side. Depending on Type you will be able to adjust some basic parameters of the new entity right from the link in the Rich Text (e.g. with Tasks, you can change Assignee and Status).


I can see that @Oshyan has answered your question (hopefully) but with respect to the comment

I’m not sure what you’re getting at. An entity created in this way (or any way) will ‘live’ in the app for which its type is defined, and can be linked to, referenced etc. in all the normal ways.
When an entity is mentioned in a Rich Text field (however it was created) then you can alt-click on it to open the entity card view and make any edits you want.


Yes, this is a good elaboration/clarification. However one small point: you don’t need the Alt for the click to open the Entity view. That should only be necessary when trying to open an Entity from a Field. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve edited my reply :slight_smile:

I also posted about this and it turned out it was doable…so I’d just add that it might be useful if this were documented well in the Knowledge Base. I didn’t see it anywhere and had to discover this on my own.

That said, I’d prefer if the team didn’t spend a lot of effort improving that knowledge base, but rather on continued feature development, which I consider a higher priority - things like Better Search, etc. that are essentials of any tool.

Thanks for the explanation, I have a slightly similar question and related problem_

If I select a certain piece of text in a rich text area or whole document and add an item to that a new item is created and linked. The title of this Item is constructed from the piece of the selected text.

So far so good, but If I now decide to rename the newly created Item the text passage in the rich text document is changed as well which messes up the original sentence.

Have I understood the concept of this cross-link model wrong? Should this be used differently or is this by intention?

It seems you use # to create new items from selected text, if you want to preserve the original text, then use Cmd + L command


Thanks a lot, I will try.