Creating a new entity with name formula from rich text impossible?

I’m getting the swing of Fibery. I frequently want to create a new entity from within a rich text document. For example, when in a meeting and new task is described, I just highlight the text and then click, “create new entity” and make it a task.

however, two of my databases use Formulas to assign their names. These databases are missing. Is there any way to create a new entity from within a rich text document if that entity type uses a formula to assign its names?!

Seems like a handicap to the Formula feature but I’m curious to hear if someone else has asked this.

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Yes, entities that generate their name do have some limitations. Even when creating new entities in a View, they are more cumbersome as the name entered currently gets ignored.

You could make a button?

Can a new entity that generates its name be created at all within a view? How would you do that?

could you provide some more context? What would the button do, and where would the button live? How would I use this to accomplish the above ask?

Yes, if you have the rights, any view has a +New button, that allows adding entities. The Table and List have it at the bottom for example.

Oh. Back to my original post, though. I’m trying to generate a new entity from within a rich text field of another entity. For example, taking minutes during a meeting generates some new tasks, and I want to create a new task right there. So, I’m not referencing views. Make sense?

Sorry about the slow reply, festivities called.

So it might be possible to do more than what I’m outlining below, but this is a starting point. In my example I have a table “projects” and linked table “work,” and I want to create work items from the rich description of my project. (same setup as you’d have for minutes and actions)

So what I do is highlight the relevant rich text, copy to clipboard, then click the button and paste. I’ve used the name field but you would use whatever field you want that content to go in.

The main “gap” here is that it’s not going to auto-insert the new related item back into your rich text. There’s no way for an action to prepend content using a formula (not even sure that would work). So it would need to be a script, that finds all the related work items and grabs the name of the most recent one then inserts that name back into your doc at the top. If you want to have a crack at hacking that together, Matt’s work here might be a good starting point.

Good luck!

My first time creating a button, so correct me if I"m wrong. It looks like buttons need to be associated with a particular database. How do you create a button that is active within your “projects” database, and have it create a new entity inside the “work” database? I just tried to do something like this, and all I could do was the equivalent of creating a button inside of “projects” that creates a new “project” entity. Not as useful, because I’d want to create a new “work” entity.

Could you let me know how you’d accomplish your suggestion?

It’s correct that buttons are tied to a specific database, but they can trigger actions for that database and any related databases.
So if Work is related to Project, then a Project button can create new linked Work entities.

exactly as Chris says. In that screenshot you can see the blue rectangle that says “PROJECTS” shows that the button will be created in the projects database.

Then the Action under “2. Add Works Item” is creating a record in the Work database, because there is a relationship between Projects and Works

Reviving this topic as it seems like an oversight that one cannot:

  1. Select a text
  2. Choose Create Entity
  3. Select an database that uses formula-generated names

2024-06-05 at 15.16

I understand that the UX is a little tricker as the question is what to do with the highlighted text as the newly created entity will not have the name of the highlighted text.

I would suggest placing it in the clipboard for people to paste it into the most suitable field of the newly created entity.
Alternatively, I think that using AI here to figure out which field of the formulas to paste it into would be a good use for AI. As mentioned here.