Action buttons to trigger form input

I am wondering if it would be possible in the future to open up a form view from an action button.

I’ve been trying to build a workflow where users are able to add a new “Update” to a “Project”" entity very quickly through the table view. The goal is to be able to go quickly down a list and create and link the new “Update” entities by clicking on a button, adding a few pieces of information and saving the information.

The “Ask User for Input” feature of Action Buttons works quite well for this as I can specify some of the value through formulas while asking the users for other input. However, this method does not allow for rich text input. Form views seem to not have this limitation and offer other benefits like required fields and default value.

However, one of the issues I’ve noticed with the form views is that you are not able to use formulas to pre-populate any of the information (as you are with Action Buttons) and the default values can’t be formula driven.

It would be amazing if the best features of both sides could be combined somehow going forward :grin:

Yes would love this! We also use action buttons a lot to ask for input. Combining both would be best of both worlds :smile:


You can prepopulate informations in forms just by adding default input in a field and hide the field in the form :