Native JotForm Integration

As Fibery doesn’t have a form view (yet) it would be nice if one of the early integrations was with a robust form tool. I say robust because, while typeform is popular, it doesn’t fill a number of complex needs like signatures or meeting scheduling.

I think JotForm could be a great first form integration partner.


Yes, a form integration would be nice. I haven’t used JotForm, but sounds good. Heck, I’d settle for Google Forms integration as a start, since Charts already integrates with Sheets and I want general GSuite integration in Fibery anyway…


Yes that’s a good stop gap solution until we get movement on this:

which also includes a 2nd request for Required Fields that I’m really hoping will come soon as that is a key piece for developers, and was one of the best parts of TargetProcess - there you could actually require comments before moving to a different State in the Workflow, very powerful!

And to this point:

Yet another I am eager to see, too! Haven’t heard much about this lately in the blog, twitter, here in Discourse, so I hope it’s not too far out. As I already stated, not sure about Trello and Jira coming up before these…perhaps a ton of users were asking for those, but I don’t see any requests publicly!

Would be great if somebody from the team jumped in and clarified for us - seems like haven’t heard from any official Fibery reps on these requests in an age, getting disconcerting…

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Yes, I begin to suspect that the forums are a little microcosm representing only a small portion of actual (or potential) users. They have Intercom on every page, so maybe most users are interacting directly and making requests and issue reports that way.

This is where a public roadmap or feature vote/discussion board that aggregates all sources of feedback becomes really valuable. But… it’s their company and their livelihood on the line, so I do trust the team to be doing what is best for their overall success. If that does not immediately include my needs that is unfortunate, but perhaps understandable…

True, it concerns me a bit too. But as long as releases continue regularly I feel happier to be here than with Notion or many other tools. :smile:


This also our need , much more too , after all all android phone user with workplace too , migrate too better price , the few missing item for small office digital work place

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I recognize I’m cannibalizing this idea here, but has anyone here used Tripetto? They have an open SDK and, thinking about the Vizidrop integration, I can totally see a similar setup with Tripetto as the native form builder solution.

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