Is there a way to prefill data on embedded forms?

I am building a website which centers around a map :earth_africa: Users (mostly farmers) can click on fields on a map. When they do a side menu shows up and it shows two options: :a: download a report or (and that is what my question is about) :b: request more products related to this field.

When they click this option, a Fibery form shows up. They can select options to which products they want (call it product A, B and/or C) and then they can select which fields they want. And they can fill in their email and name.

It would be nice if the currently selected field could already be included on this form, make the flow of the site a bit smoother. Is there a way to add this?

So, concretely: they selected field with identifier 202303027. The open the form. I wish the question: ‘which field do you want data on’ to already have the answer ‘202303027’ (and from there they can select more options if they like).

I have looked around how this could be done in other embedded forms (don’t know if this is possible in Fibery)… you can add URL parameters. That would be useful!

Here is how this could work…


iframe src=“h” style=“width:100%;height:600px;padding:0;border:none;”></iframe


iframe src=“h” style=“width:100%;height:600px;padding:0;border:none;”></iframe

(ignore the added h and removed <>s)

So if this is not possible yet, then I’d like to request this feature :blush: It’s OK if it’s not here yet because my client wants me to make a prototype first so if I know something like this is possible in the future then I can tell him that.

Now that I looked around, I see this topic of using URL parameters was discussed before in this post by @Dimitri_S so I +1 his request :wink:[DONE] Form View and required fields - #16 by Dimitri_S


This can be moved to Ideas and Features. So, my request would be to Use URL Parameters to set data in forms.

My client has approved of using Fibery for this so that’s nice, and he knows that URL Parameters are not possible yet and that’s OK since what I will deliver will be an internal prototype first.

Other things in @Dimitri_S 's post about more powerful forms would be nice as well, such as conditional logic. That is very useful for a future project I want to do. But this request is for the URL Parameters only as that is most useful now :blush:

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I don’t want my form to be completely empty. I know some values that I would like to pre-set, either as default values (so the user can change them) or as hidden fields (for example, a user ID).

Is there a way to pre-fill form values?

The fields have an option for choosing default values:

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Sorry for not being clear.
As I indicated in the subject, I want to pass values to the form
In other words, the values come from somewhere else. I want to give them to the form (as parameters) and then set some values.

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Like TypeForm does:

OK, then I think this needs to be merged with this

Do you agree?

It seems so.
So, the answer is, “Not possible, for now.”

I’m afraid that’s right.

Hey Jurgen (ook Nederlands?)! If you want this, vote for this feature above! :blush: It seems we have the same wish! Then it will come quicker hopefully :wink:

It seems like not the most complex feature to build… but you never know haha sometimes simple things hidden complexity behind them and vice versa :sweat_smile:

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ah you merged them, that’s why I suddenly see all this :blush: Thx @Chr1sG !

I’d like to support this idea too.

We need to create an event feedback form, but to work smoothly/properly, we need to pre-populate the form with the correct event ID.

If we could pass variables to the form in the URL, this would be amazing.

It would then be possible to collect all kinds of ratings/feedback etc. For products, events, services etc …just pass the ID of the item being reviewed to the form and link them in Fibery.

For some things (e.g. orders, you can ask users to enter the data) but for Events (where users usually know the event name and not the ID), or for rating systems, e.g. the type of questionnaire you get after stay at AirBnB or - it would be helpful to pass the data to the form.

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I’ll add my vote.